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Lab News

Welcome: Nicholas Chan has joined our group. He's also a student in my Electronics class, and he's working with Giles.

New Baby: Dan Dumanis is the proud father of Liora Daniela Dumanis, born on 20 September.

Alumni News: Heidy Sierra is now Assistant Professor at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez.

New Baby: Joseph and Carolina have added a new family member, Samantha Brooke Hollman, on 30 August in Barcelona.

Welcome: Jaime Necochea and Jaime Prieto have joined our group for the fall term. They are exchange students from the Universidad de los Andes in Santiago, Chile.

New Office: Chuck has moved from "The Lake House" to 302 Stearns.

Alumni News: Tristan Swedish now at MIT, won an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Commencement: Jimmy McLean graduated in May and has been accepted for Ph.D. study at Columbia.

Wedding: Matt Bouchard was married in Jersey City, on 3 July.

Gordon Challenge Project: Dan Dumanis, a part-time student working at Lincoln Labs, successfully presented his Gordon Challenge Project on AOSTB.

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Welcome to the Optical Science Laboratory (OSL) at Northeastern University. Led by Associate Professor and author of Optics for Engineers, Charles DiMarzio, the OSL is one of the laboratories affiliated with the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the department ofMechanical and Industrial Engineering, the newly-formed department of Bioengineering, and the Gordon Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems, at Northeastern University. The OSL is particularly interested in those imaging techniques that involve optics (especially coherent detection), multi-modal imaging where light is used in combination with another type of wave such as microwave or ultrasound, and hyperspectral imaging.

Equipment includes the W.M.Keck 3-D fusion microscope combining brightfield, phase, DIC, confocal, multi-photon, and harmonic microscopy on a single platform. With a high-speed rotating polygon scanner, frame rates of 10 Hz. are achieved. We also have a separate microscope for quantitative phase imaging, a line-scanning confocal reflectance microscope, a structured-illumination breadboard, and a dual-galvo scanning microscope. A dual-channel tissue spectrometer is used for imaging hemoglobin and other chromophores in tissue such as skin, muscle, and bone.

Our applications include mostly biological and medical imaging, with specific intersts in melanin imaging, ex-vivo alveolar-scale lung imaging, bone hemoglobin spectroscopy, corneal collagen imaging, dermatology and deep penetration of light using an ultrasound guidestar for phase conjugation.

OSL's goals are to provide a facility for advanced research in these areas in order to address the needs of our research sponsors, and to train the next generation of researchers for industry, academia, and the government.

Dr. Charles DiMarzio

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