Optical Science Lab News: (Fall 2017)

Publication: Ali Vakili had his paper, "Enhanced tagging of light utilizing acoustic radiation force with speckle pattern analysis," published in JBO.

Welcome: Danton (Danny) Zhao has joined our group as a MS Student.

Welcome: Phebe Ozirsky has joined our group as an undergraduate working with Zac.

Welcome: Naomi Shaw has joined our group as an undergraduate working with Zac.

Welcome: Ethan Axelowitz has joined our group as an undergraduate working with Ali.

New Baby: Jason is the proud father of a new baby. Congratulations.

Academic Progress: Zac has completed his Ph.D. dissertation proposal. Congratulations.

Party: About 20 present and former members of the group gathered at Chuck and Sheila's home for the 26th annual holiday party.

Optical Science Lab News: (Spring/Summer 2017)

Welcome: Mahsa Janam has joined our group as a Ph.D. Student working on the NSF grant with Zac.

Alumni News: Joseph Hollmann has completed his Postdoc at ICFO in Barcelona, and is now working at Draper.

Wedding: Steve Guerrera was married in Vermont in August. Congratulations Steve and Lauren.

Graduation: Giles Blaney has completed his BS and is starting graduate study at Tufts. Congratulations.

Graduation: Jaime Necochea and Jaime Prieto both completed their degrees from Universidad de los Andes, and both are employed in Santiago.

Academic Progress: Ali Vakili has completed his Ph.D. dissertation proposal (formerly called Comprehensive Exam). Congratulations.

International Education: Ali Vakili and Chuck taught a course in biomedical imaging at Universidad de los Andes in Santiago, Chile in May and June.

Patent: Zac Hoffman and Chuck were awarded US Patent 9,541,749, "Systems and methods for random intensity illumination microscopy," on 10 Jan 2017.

Publication: Joseph Hollmann was co-author on a paper by Adina Draghici and others in the Shefelbine group, "Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Measuring Changes in Bone Hemoglobin Content after Exercise in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury," in Journal of Orthopaedic Research.

Publication: Zac Hoffman and Chuck published "Single-image structured illumination using Hilbert transform demodulation," in Journal of Biomedical Optics.

Conference: Zac Hoffman, Ali Vakili, and Chuck attended Photonics West in February, and presented papers including Jaime Prieto and Jaime Necochea as authors.

Optical Science Lab News: (Fall 2016)

Farewell: in December Jaime Necochea and Jaime Preito finished their senior projects in speckle contrast and are returning to Santiago. We wish them the best in the next stages of their careers.

New Job: Jason Kellicker has a new position at Cytonome in Boston. Congratulations.

New Degree: Si Tang has completed his MS thesis defense and is graduating in January. Congratulations.

Welcome: Nicholas Chan has joined our group. He's also a student in my Electronics class, and he's working with Giles.

New Baby: Dan D. is the proud father of a new baby. Congratulations.

Alumni News: Heidy Sierra is now Assistant Professor at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez.

New Baby: Joseph and Carolina have added a new family member, Samantha Brooke Hollman, on 30 August in Barcelona.

Welcome: Jaime Necochea and Jaime Prieto have joined our group for the fall term. They are exchange students from the Universidad de los Andes in Santiago, Chile.

New Office: Chuck has moved from "The Lake House" to 302 Stearns.

Optical Science Lab News: (Spring/Summer 2016)

Alumni News: Tristan Swedish now at MIT, won an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Commencement: Jimmy McLean graduated in May and has been accepted for Ph.D. study at Columbia.

Wedding: Matt Bouchard was married in Jersey City, on 3 July.

Gordon Challenge Project: Dan Dumanis, a part-time student working at Lincoln Labs, successfully presented his Gordon Challenge Project on AOSTB.

Optical Science Lab News: (Winter 2016)

Conference: Ali, Zac, and Jimmy presented their work at Photonics West, in San Francisco from 12 to 18 February. Congratulations to all three on a job well-done on measuring acoustic radiation force, structured illumination with random patterns, and collagen fibril orientation, respectively. Conference proceedings will be available in a few weeks.

Alumni News: Will Goth now at University of Texas, also presented an excellent talk on his work imaging heart valve fiber structures with polarized spatial frequency domain imaging.

Jobs: Ali is working on an internship at Ninepoint Medical this term. Si is on a cooperative education assignment in electronics at a company in Lowell. Congratulations to both.

Optical Science Lab News: (Fall 2015)

Honors: Jimmy and his team won second prize in the Capstone Design Competion on 3 December.

Alyssa and her team won third prize in the Capstone Design Competition.

Alumni News: Steve Guerrera successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation at MIT on Friday, 14 Oct. Congratulations.

Optical Science Lab News: (Summer 2015)

In the News: Evan Perillo, now working in Andy Dunn's group at U Texas was featured in Photonics Spectra magazine.

Alumni News: Marissa has joined TissueVision in Cambridge. Kyle has completed his Ph.D. at UC Irvine, and joined Fitbit in San Francisco. Joseph has joined the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Barcelona. Jihao continues his US visit, now at MIT.

New Baby: Bill and Maya have added a new family member, Olivia, born on the first of July.

Summer Program: Ali and Chuck returned from a 5-week Dialogues of Civilization Program, Hyperspectral Imaging in Chile.

Funding: The lab has received NSF funding for a program entitled, "Collaborative Research: Coded-illumination Fourier Ptychography for High-content Multimodal Imaging," in collaboration with the University of Connecticut. The award is for 3 years, starting in September.

Optical Science Lab News: (Apr/May/June 2015)

Commencement 2015: Joseph was hooded by Chuck at the Ph.D. ceremony on Thursday, 7 May. Steve received his MS degree on Friday, and Hamad and Mahmoud received their BS degrees. Congratulations all.

Welcome: New lab members include Si Tang, working on his MS doing melanin research, Jonathan Sullivan doing a directed study on Hermite Gaussian beams, Rhoadsherdeline Limage working on melanin, and Giles Blaney working on lung imaging.

TA Award: Ali V. received the College of Engineering award for Excellence as a Teaching Assistant.

Alumni News: Tristan has been accepted for graduate study at the media lab at MIT.

Conference: Zac, Jimmy, and Chuck attended NEBEC at RPI on 17-19 April.

Presentations: Jimmy presented posters at the CDSP workshop on 17 Apr and at NEBEC on 19 Apr.

MS Degree Steve presented his MS thesis research on 23 April, and will receive his degree at the May commencement.

Moving On: Joseph leaves for Barcelona, Spain at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in the middle of May.

Summer Travel: Chuck and Ali will lead a Dialogues of Civilization program in Chile from 22 May through 29 June.

Optical Science Lab News: (Jan/Feb/Mar 2015)

Conference: In February, Zhenhua, Zetong, Ali V, Jason, Steve, Jihao, and Chuck attended Photonics West. We presented 7 talks, and hosted our annual dinner for alumni and friends.

Alumni News: Ali G. is now working with Olympus in Boston.

Moving On: Joseph has been honored with a prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship to work in Barcelona, Spain at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO).

Optical Science Lab News: (Jul through Dec 2014)

Awards: Joseph was on a winning team at MIT's hackathon to build a better breast pump.

Welcome: Welcome to our newest student Rachel Chin, from the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department. She'll be working on the bone project.

Academic Progress: Congratulations to Zhenahua and Joseph on completion of their Ph.D. degrees this summer. Also to Ali V and Zetong on their MS degrees. Zetong is working at Rebellion Photonics in Houston,TX.

New Freshman: Congratulations to Langston Archer, our former summer student, now beginning his freshman year at NU.

Welcome Back: Ali V. has returned from his summer at home and is working on his Ph.D., finishing his confocal work and starting on light and sound. Jimmy is back from his summer class in Taiwan, with Chuck and Joseph. He's continuing his work on second-harmonic imaging. Mahmoud worked in the group last year. He's back now working on the PHase project.

New Position: Chuck has been appointed vice-chair of the ECE department, as of 1 July.

Marriage: Congratulations to Joseph on being married in June.

Optical Science Lab News: (Apr/May/June 2014)

Conferences: Joseph and Chuck , attended Translational Biophotonics at Rice University in Houston, and visited Andy Dunn and Evan Perillo at University of Texas in Austin. Joseph presented his poster on hemoglobin measurement in bone.

Welcome: Welcome summer students, Langston Archer, returning YSP from Lynn Classical HS and Eric Santa from Merrimack College.
Prof. Jihao Yin from Beihang University in Beijing, will join our group, April 2014 through April 2015.

Goodbye and Good Luck: Dan Hunt will be attending graduate school at Stanford.
Nisreen Abo-Sido from YSP will be an undergraduate at Wellesley.
Joe Robinson will be working at Lincoln Labs and attending graduate school at NU.

Awards: Joseph has been recognized by the COE as an Outstanding TA for 2014.
Joseph has won a travel grant to Translational Biophotonics and his poster has been selected for "preview" oral presentation.
Chuck has been selected as a Topical Editor at Optics Letters.

New Babies: On 15 April 2014, Chuck's family added a granddaughter, Paloma, the daughter of Brian and Elspeth. Yair and Laurie have a a new son, Ian.

Academic Progress: On 10 June 2014, Joseph Hollmann defended his Ph.D. dissertation.
On 7 May, Ali Vakili defended his MS thesis.
On 11 April 2014, Joseph Hollmann passed his comprehensive exam.

New Publication: JL Hollmann, R Horstmeyer, C Yang, CA DiMarzio, "Diffusion model for ultrasound-modulated light," Journal of biomedical optics 19 (3), 035005-035005

Optical Science Lab News: (Jan/Feb/Mar 2014)

Conference: In February, Zhenhua, Chuck, and Joseph attended Photonics West. We presented 5 talks and hosted a dinner with some two dozen alumni and friends of OSL.

New Grant: With Profs. Shefelbine and Niedre, we've won a Tier 1 internal grant to study blood in bone.

New Job: Ali Golabchi has joined Zygo Corporation, in Connecticut.

Optical Science Lab News: (September/October 2013)

Zhenhua presented a poster at the Montagna conference on skin biology.

Congratulations to Steve Guerrera on completing the 2013 Chicago Marathon.

Matt Bouchard defended his dissertation at Columbia University, on 3 October. Congratulations, Dr. Bouchard.

Welcome to our newest members, Jared Lowe and Xinhao (Nick) Zhu.

We welcome back all our summer travelers, Zhenhua and Zetong from China, Joseph from Taiwan, and Ali from Iran.

James is an author on a talk presented by his Co-Op employer, Spectral Sciences. Congratulations.

Lab News: (June/July/August 2013)

Congratulations to Joe Robinson on being elected president of the student chapter of IEEE for Spring 2014.

Friday, 26 July was a busy day. Zhenhua passed his Comprehensive Exam, and Zac presented his MS thesis defense. Congratulations to both.

Chuck visits SIBET in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. See the story here and the pictures here.

Joseph leaves for Taiwan on EAPSI. Learn about Joseph's trip here.

The lab welcomes Diego Lopez from Roxbury CC, Jose Ruiz from Lawrence High, and Nisreen Abo-Sido from North Quincy High, to our summer programs.

Lab News: (April/May 2013)

Congratulations to Dr. Yair Mega, on receiving his Ph.D. on 3 May.

Congratulations to Will Goth on receiving his BS on 3 May. He will continue to work at Ninepoint Medical for the summer, after which he will continue toward his Ph.D. at the University of Texas.

Bill Warger and Chuck were awarded US Patent 8,428,331 Phase Subtraction Cell Counting Method on 23 April 2013.

Lab News: (March 2013)

On Monday, 25 Jan, Yair successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation, and will receive the degree on 3 May. Congratulations Dr. Mega.

Lab News: (Jan 2013)

Congratulations to Paula and Dan on winning a Provost's Undergraduate Research Award of $2000, for their research on "High Efficiency Melanin Detection on KECK Microscope."

Zac has just published his work in Journal of Biomedical Optics. 18(6), 061216 (Nov 27 2012); doi: 10.1117/1.JBO.18.6.061216

Zhenhua along with Joe K. and Yair, has just published in Journal of Biomedical Optics. 18(6), 061225 (Jan 07 2013); doi: 10.1117/1.JBO.18.6.061225

Bill Warger has begun work as Photonics Lab Specialist at Thorlabs

Chris Carr (ECE 2005) has just passed the Professional Engineer Exam.