OSL Research


Coherent Detection Multimodal Microscopy Wave Interactions Translational Technology
Phase Conjugation Keck 3D Fusion Microscope Acusto-Photonic Imaging Dual Wedge Confocal
FDTD for Oct in Lung 3D Fusion Microscopy Phase Conjugation Confocal Reflectance Pupil Engineering
Model for Phase Microscopy Photothermal Microscopy Photoacoustic Schlieren CRM with Articulated Arm
Optical Quadrature Microscopy FDTD Confocal Microscopy Theta Line Scanner

Application Areas

Skin Embroyo Health Lung Other Applications
Nanoparticles in Skin Model for Phase Microscopy FTDT for OCT in Lung Fuel Cells
Multi-modal Nanoparticles Embroyo Cell Counting Lung Tomography SHG Corneal Collagen
Line Confocal Reflectance Microscope Computational Microscopy Axotomy Calcium Imaging
FTDT Skin Model
Step-wise Excitation of Melanin