Northeastern University Wireless Networks and Embedded Systems Lab


Ludovico Ferranti received his Master of Science in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (110/110) at Sapienza - University of Rome in 2015. He is a PhD student at Sapienza - University of Rome at DIET (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni) and Northeastern University of Boston at Graduate School of Engineering from November 2015. His research interests include Micro and Nanorobotics, Biomedical Devices, Wireless Sensor Networks and Robotics Swarms Algorithms, having prof. Francesca Cuomo and Tommaso Melodia as Academic Advisors..


  • Biomedical Devices

  • UAV Aerial Networks

  • Robotics Swarms Algorithm

  • Wireless Sensor Networks


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