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Master of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering

At Northeastern the Master's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering can be pursued full-time or part-time. Some full-time students are supported by research assistantships which are awarded competitively during the application process, and which are occasionally available at other times. Part-time students will find that many graduate courses are offered by video streaming to allow them to maintain a full-time career.

At the time of applying to the program, the applicants select their preferred track as well as their concentration of study from the seven concentrations offered by the ECE department. These concentrations are

The MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering can be combined with a Gordon Engineering Leadership certificate. Learn more about the benefits of this unique program.

The minimum semester hours required by students to complete this degree are listed below. Typically full-time students are able to complete these requirements in about two to three years, however it might take longer if the student completes a thesis or participates in co-op.

Degree RequirementsThesis
Required depth courses12 SH20 SH20 SH
Required breadth courses8 SH8 SH8 SH
Electives4 SH4 SH4 SH
Master of Science thesis8 SHN/AN/A
Leadership coursesN/AN/A16 SH
Minimum semester hours required32 SH32 SH48 SH


Graduate Program Deadlines: MS Thesis students should have a research advisor one year after their matriculation.

Learning Outcomes: 

The M.S. programs' student learning outcome is

  • The ability to use basic engineering concepts flexibly in a variety of contexts.

Student Success Stories

  • Gwendolyn Hummel showing her poster

    ECE Successes Earn NSF Fellowship

    Gwendolyn Hummel
    Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Gwendolyn Hummel, a second-year PhD student in Dr. Matteo Rinaldi’s laboratory, has been awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship. 

  • A Strong Research Education Results in Accomplished Scholar

    Athina Petropulu
    MS, PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering 1988 | 1991

    “NU provided me with a challenging and stimulating environment to learn and conduct research.