Northeastern's Electrical & Computer Engineering Department produces world-recognized research across the broad spectrum of ECE while being dedicated to the education and mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students.

Over 70 ECE faculty and affiliated faculty members are engaged in cutting-edge research funded by a wide variety of US government agencies and over 20 industrial partners with 4 NSF- and DHS-funded research centers.

Our department spans all subdisciplines of electrical & computer engineering. We encompass robotics (from control systems to embedded systems), the internet of things (from networking and communications to computer systems and architectures to security) and big data (from machine learning to signal processing to enabling technologies for data centers). We have strength in devices and microelectronics, RF/microwave materials, and power electronics and systems. The National Academy of Engineering in the United States identified 20 technological achievements for humanity in the 20th century, and approximately half of them are attributed to the discipline of ECE. Northeastern ECE is proud to cover the entire range of the discipline.

Research is not limited to our graduate students; undergraduates are welcomed and integrated into research labs and are regular co-authors on scholarly publications


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