Research Areas


Computer Engineering & Networks

Stefano Basagni
Wireless networks, ad hoc, mesh and sensor networking, and protocol design and testing.

Octavia Camps
Robust computer vision, image processing, and machine learning

Kaushik Chowdhury
Wireless cognitive radio networks, ad hoc and sensor networks, experimentation and protocol design for communication systems, applications of wireless technology in multimedia delivery and healthcare.

Yunsi Fei
Computer architecture, embedded system design and optimization, design automation, hardware-oriented security, side-channel attack analysis and mitigation, mobile computing and underwater wireless sensor networks.

Yun Raymond Fu
Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Social Media Analytics, Cyber-Physical Systems

David Kaeli
Computer architecture, branch prediction studies, I/O workload characterization, memory hierachy design, object-oriented code execution performance, 3D VLSI design, and back-end compiler design.

Engin Kirda
Malware analysis and detection, web security, social network security, reverse engineering, intrusion detection.

Mieczyslaw Kokar
Software engineering, information fusion, intelligent control, artificial intelligence/machine learning.

Miriam Leeser
Reconfigurable hardware, hardware design tools, hardware description languages, hardware implementation of image and digital processing algorithms.

Fabrizio Lombardi
Fault-tolerant computing, VLSI CAD, testing, configurable computing, distributed systems.

Waleed Meleis
Combinatorial optimization, algorithm design and analysis, scheduling, machine learning, parallel computing.

Ningfang Mi
Storage systems, multi-tier enterprise systems, performance evaluation, energy/power management, simulation, data analysis, system modeling, and scheduling/load balancing.

Wil Robertson
Trustworthy computing architectures, web security, statistical machine learning for anomaly detection, malware analysis using adversarial program analysis, reverse engineering, intrusion detection.

Gunar Schirner
Embedded computer systems, electronic system-level design and methodologies, modeling and analysis of embedded systems, synthesis of embedded software and hardware.

Communications & Signal Processing

Dana Brooks
Biomedical signal processing, medical imaging, statistical signal processing, inverse problems, multiresolution signal processing, electrocardiography, diffuse optical tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, regularization, optimization.

Jennifer Dy
Machine learning, data mining, statistical pattern recognition, content-based image retrieval computer vision and image processing.

Deniz Erdogmus
Brain computer interfaces, cognitive and interactive systems, nonlinear and statistical signal processing, information theory, machine learning.

Sheila Hemami
Multimedia signal processing, Image & video compression & transmission, Visual psychophysics

Vinay Ingle
Multidimensional signal processing and image processing.

Hanoch Lev-Ari
Adaptive filtering, statistical signal processing, spectrum analysis and estimation, subspace-based sensing for antenna arrays.

Lee Makowski
Image and signal processing as applied to biophysical data designed to answer fundamental questions about the molecular basis of living systems

Purnima Ratilal
Remote Sensing, Underwater Acoustics, Acoustical Oceanograpy, Bioacoustics, Ultrasound Imaging, Nonlinear Scattering, Wave Propagation in Random Media, Signal, Image and Array Processing, Statistical Inference Theory.

Masoud Salehi
Error correcting codes, information theory, digital communications, source coding, and data compression.

Dagmar Sternad
Human movement control, motor learning and adaptation, rehabilitation, dynamic modeling, stability, noise and control, rhythmic movements and coupled oscillator models.

Milica Stojanovic
Wireless communications and networks, underwater acoustic tranmission, statistical system characterization, adaptive signal processing.

Edmund Yeh
Network information theory and coding, cross-layer design and optimization of wireless networks.

Circuits, Microsystems, & Devices

Yong-Bin Kim
High performance and low power VLSI desgin, system-on-chip (soc), innovative VLSI circuit and system application, and Physical VLSI CAD.

Nicol McGruer
MEMS, MOEMS, microfabrication, microsystems, microrelay, microspectrometer, optical switching, optical MEMS.

Steve McKnight
Research and submillimeter devices and materials, optical and infrared materials and systems.

Marvin Onabajo
Design of analog, radio frequency, and mixed-signal integrated circuits; built-in test and calibration techniques for systems-on-a-chip; on-chip temperature sensors for thermal monitoring and built-in testing.

Matteo Rinaldi
Micro/nano electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) devices; micro and nano fabrication; MEMS/NEMS sensors for physical, chemical and biological detection; radio frequency (RF) MEMS/NEMS devices and systems; integration of MEMS/NEMS devices with electronics; piezoelectric materials; MEMS/NEMS metamaterials; nanomaterials and nanostructures.

Nian X. Sun
Magnetic, ferroelectric and magnetoelectric materials; RF/microwave magnetic and magnetoelectric devices design, fabrication and testing; materials properties at RF/microwave frequency range; self-assembly of magnetic nanostructures.


Anthony Devaney
Electromagnetic wave propagation, inverse scattering tomography.

Charles DiMarzio
Optics, diffusive optical tomography and ultrasound, coherent detection, hyperspectral imaging, multi-modal imaging, landmine detection, magneto-optic sensors.

Vincent Harris
The design and processing of advance magnetic materials with emphasis on materials for high frequency applications;understanding the struction, processing and magnetism relationship of materials; synchrotron radiation characterization of materials with emphasis on extended x-ray absorption fine structure.

Yongmin Liu
Nano optics, nanoscale materials and engineering, nano devices, plasmonics, metamaterials, and applied physics

Edwin Marengo
Physics-based signal processing and imaging,inverse problems in remote sensing and antenna theory, and electromagnetic theory.

Jose Martinez
Antenna analysis, modeling, design, and optimization, subsurface scattering analysis, computational methods of electromagnetics, novel radar system specification and design, explosives detection.

Hossein Mosallaei
Physics and Modeling of Engineered Metamaterials, Smart Wireless Antennas and Sensors, Microwave/Millimeter-Wave Electronics and RF Integrated Circuits, Micro-Electromagnetics Front-Ends, Nano-Scale Devices and Systems, Theory and Simulation of Nano-Optics, Photonic Band Gap Crystals, Bio-Engineering, and Computational/Optimization Techniques.

Mark Niedre
Development of instrumentation and signal processing algorithms related to: Small animal fluorescence molecular imaging, time-domain imaging, optical tomography, hyperspectral imaging of fluorescent molecules, tracking and enumerating rare circulating cells in vivo, photodynamic therapy of cancer, multi-modality imaging.

Carey Rappaport
Antennas, electromagnetic computation, bioelectromagnetics, subsurface sensing and imaging, explosives detection, security system conceptualization and design.

Philip Serafim
Electromagnetics, microwaves, remote sensing.

Michael Silevitch
Electron devices, plasma theory, upper -atmospheric phenomena.

Carmine Vittoria
Elemagnetic wave propagation in anisotropic media, physics of magnetism, high tc superconductors and weak link devices, and ferrites and composites magnetic metal alloys and magnetic superlattices miniature microwave circuits.

Power Electronics, Systems, Controls

Ali Abur
Power system state estimation, visualization of power system operation and fault identification in transmission and distribution networks.

Bradley Lehman
Power electronics, dc-dc converters, pulse width modulation, motion control, electric motor drives, analog circuits, control theory, differential equations, time delays, nonlinear systems and control, industrial control.

Bahram Shafai
Control systems digital processing, robust control.

Mario Sznaier
Robust control, reduced order models, video-based control, applications to dynamics in imaging and video processing, information extraction from high volume data streams.

Gilead Tadmor
Robust & Nonlinear Control, Reduced Order Models, Fluid.