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Yanzhi Wang

329 Dana
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


  • PhD, University of Southern California, 2014

Research & Scholarship Interests

Energy-efficient and high-performance implementations of deep learning and artificial intelligence systems; neuromorphic computing and non-von Neumann computing paradigms; cyber-security in deep learning systems; emerging deep learning algorithms/systems such as Bayesian neural networks, generative adversarial networks (GANs) and deep reinforcement learning
Affiliated With

Department Research Areas

Selected Publications

  • R. Cai, A. Ren, N. Liu, X. Qian, M. Pedram, Y. Wang, VIBNN: Hardware Celeration of Bayesian Neural Networks, ACM International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS), 2018
  • Y. Wang, C. Ding, Z. Li, G. Yuan, Towards Ultra-High Performance and Energy Efficiency of Deep Learning Systems: An Algorithm-Hardware Co-Optimization Framework, The Thirty Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), 2018
  • Z. Zhao, K. Pugdeethosapol, S. Lin, Z. Li, C. Ding, Y. Wang, Q. Qiu, Learning Topics using Semantic Locality, International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 2018
  • X. Ma, Y. Zhang, G. Yuan, A. Ren, Z. Li, J. Han, J. Hu, Y. Wang, An Area and Energy Efficient Design of Domain-Wall Memory Based Deep Convolutional Neural Networks using Stochastic Computing, International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED), 2018
  • Y. Liu, S. Liu, Y. Wang, F. Lombardi, J. Han, A Stochastic Computational Multi-Layer Perceptron with Backward Propagation, IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2018

Related News

March 12, 2019

ECE Assistant Professor Yanzhi Wang and ECE Chair Srinivas Tadigadapa were awarded a $300K NSF IRES grant for a "U.S.-Japan International Research Experience for Students on Superconducting Electronics."

August 30, 2018

Yanzhi Wang joins the Electrical & Computer Engineering department in August 2018 as an Assistant Professor.