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Dmitri Krioukov

Associate Professor, Physics
124 Dana Research Center
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

Research & Scholarship Interests

Big data analytics and practical applications, mathematical physics of networks.

Selected Publications

D. Krioukov, M. Kitsak, R. Sinkovits, D. Rideout, D. Meyer, and M. Boguna,
Network Cosmology,
Nature Scientific Reports, v.2, p.793, 2012 (DOIarXiv),
Press: UCSDSDSCSpaceTimeTheRegisterCBSHuffingtonPostHuffingtonPostUKPopularScience,LiveScienceSlashdotRobots.NetPhysOrgScienceDailyTGDailyDigitalJournalVestiMKLifeNewstheRunet,…
One-sentence abstract: The large-scale structure and dynamics of complex networks and the universe are asymptotically identical.

F. Papadopoulos, M. Kitsak, M. Angeles Serrano, M. Boguna, and D. Krioukov,
Popularity versus Similarity in Growing Networks,
Nature, v.489, p.537, 2012 (DOIarXiv),
Press: UCSDSDSCNatureNature PhysicsPhysOrgScienceDailyAMSLe ScienzeSTRFElsevier, …
One-sentence abstract: Trade-offs between popularity and similarity shape the structure and dynamics of growing complex networks, with preferential attachment emerging from local optimization processes, casting these networks as random geometric graphs growing in hyperbolic spaces.

D. Krioukov, F. Papadopoulos, M. Kitsak, A. Vahdat, and M. Boguna,
Hyperbolic Geometry of Complex Networks,
Physical Review E, v.82, 036106, 2010 (DOIarXiv)
One-sentence abstract: A framework to study the structure and function of complex networks in purely geometric terms.

M. Boguna, F. Papadopoulos, and D. Krioukov,
Sustaining the Internet with Hyperbolic Mapping,
Nature Communications, v.1, p.62, 2010 (DOIarXivdata),
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One-sentence abstract: Mapping the Internet to its underlying hyperbolic space enables optimal routing in the Internet.

M. Boguna, D. Krioukov, and K.C. Claffy,
Navigability of Complex Networks,
Nature Physics, v.5, p.74-80, 2009 (DOIarXiv),
Press: UCSDNatureDailyTechScience DailyVoice of San DeigoTechnology, …
One-sentence abstract: Complex networks have navigable topologies.