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Hui Fang

330 Dana
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


  • PhD (2014) in Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
  • BS (2009) in Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University

Research & Scholarship Interests

Nano-electronics, bio-electronics, materials surfaces and interfaces
Affiliated With

Department Research Areas

Selected Publications

  • Y. Qiang, K.J. Seo, X. Zhao, P. Artoni, N. Golshan, S. Culaclii, P.-M. Wang, W. Liu, K.S. Ziemer, M. Fagiolini, H. Fang, Bilayer Nanomesh Structures for Transparent Recording and Stimulating Microelectrodes, Advanced Functional Materials, 2017, 1704117
  • H. Fang, K.J. Yu, C. Gloschat, Z. Yang, E. Song, C.-H. Chiang, J. Zhao, S.M. Won, S. Xu, M. Trumpis, Y. Zhong, S.W. Han, Y. Xue, D. Xu, S.W. Choi, G. Cauwenberghs, M. Kay, Y. Huang, J. Viventi, I.R. Efimov, J.A. Rogers, Capacitively Coupled Arrays of Multiplexed Flexible Silicon Transistors for Long-Term Cardiac Electrophysiology, Nature Biomedical Engineering, 1, 2017, 0038
  • K.J. Seo, Y. Qiang, I. Bilgin, S. Kar, C. Vinegoni, R. Weissleder, H. Fang, Transparent Electrophysiology Microelectrodes and Interconnects from Metal Nanomesh, ACS Nano, 11, 2017, 4365-4372
  • H. Fang, J. Zhao, K. Yu, E. Song, A.B. Farimani, C.H. Chiang, X. Jin, Y. Xue, D. Xu, W. Du, K.J. Seo, Y. Zhong, Z. Yang, S. Won, G. Fang, S.W. Choi, S. Chaudhuri, Y. Huang, M. Ashraful Alam, J. Viventi, N.R. Aluru, J.A. Rogers, Ultra-thin, Transferred Layers of Thermally Grown Silicon Dioxide as Biofluid Barriers for Bio-Integrated Flexible Electronic Systems, PNAS, 113, 2016, 11682-11687
  • K.J. Yu, D. Kuzum, S.-W. Hwang, B.H. Kim, H. Juul, N.H. Kim, S.M. Won, K. Chiang, M. Trumpis, A.G. Richardson, H. Cheng, H. Fang, et. al., Bioresorbable Silicon Electronics for Transient Spatiotemporal Mapping of Electrical Activity from the Cerebral Cortex, Nature Materials, 15, 2016, 782-791
  • H. Fang, C. Battaglia, C. Carraro, S. Nemsak, B. Ozdol, J. S. Kang, H.A. Bechtel, S.B. Desai, et. al., Strong Interlayer Coupling In Van Der Waals Heterostructures Built From Single-Layer Chalcogenides, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111, 2014, 6198-6202
  • H. Fang, H.A. Bechtel, E. Plis, M. C. Martin, S. Krishna, E. Yablonovitch, A. Javey, Quantum of Optical Absorption in Two-Dimensional Semiconductors, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,110, 2013, 11688-11691
  • H. Fang, M. Tosun, G. Seol, T-C. Chang, K. Takei, J. Guo, A. Javey, Degenerate n-Doping of Few-Layer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides by Potassium, Nano Letters, 13, 2013, 1991-1995
  • H. Fang, S. Chuang, T. C. Chang, K. Takei, T. Takahashi, A. Javey, High-performance Single Layered WSe2 p-FETs with Chemically Doped Contacts, Nano Letters, 12, 2012, 3788-3792

Related News

December 18, 2018

ECE Assistant Professor Hui Fang has been awarded a $500K NSF CAREER Award for his Transforming Neural Interfaces Using Stretchable, Transparent, Multifunctional Nanomesh Microelectrodes project. The award starts in 2019 and will run for five years.

October 18, 2018

ECE Assistant Professor was featured in the Physics World article "Transparent microelectrodes improve brain activity mapping".

September 6, 2018

ECE Assistant Professor Hui Fang and a team of neuroscientists from Boston Children's Hospital have developed a transparent array of microelectrodes on nano-mesh to monitor the impulses sent by the brain.

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