Ali Abur

Professor, Office: 329 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3051
Power system state estimation, visualization of power system operation and fault identification in transmission and distribution networks.

Stefano Basagni

Associate Professor, Office: 312 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3061
Wireless networks, ad hoc, mesh and sensor networking, and protocol design and testing.

Dana Brooks

Professor, Office: 423 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3352
Biomedical signal processing, Medical imaging, Statistical signal processing, Inverse problems, Multiresolution signal processing, Electrocardiography, Diffuse optical tomography, Magnetic resonance imaging, Regularization, Optimization

Octavia Camps

Professor, Office: 322 Dana, Phone: 617.373.4663
Robust computer vision, image processing, and machine learning

Kaushik Chowdhury

Assistant Professor, Office: 308 Dana, Phone: 617.373.5304
Wireless cognitive radio networks, ad hoc and sensor networks, experimentation and protocol design for communication systems, applications of wireless technology in multimedia delivery and healthcare.

Anthony Devaney

Professor, Office: 428 Dana, Phone: 617.373.5284
Electromagnetic wave propagation, inverse scattering tomography.

Charles DiMarzio

Associate Professor, Office: 216 LH, Phone: 617.373.2034
Optics, microscopy, coherent detection, interaction of light and sound waves, hyperspectral imaging, diffusive optical tomography and ultrasound, landmine detection, magneto-optic sensors, and multi-model imaging. Activities include computer modeling, designing, building, and testing of hardware, and processing the resulting data.

Stephen W. Director

Provost and Professor, Office: 112 Hayden, Phone: 617.373.4517

Jennifer Dy

Associate Professor, Office: 334 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3062
Machine learning, data mining, statistical pattern recognition, content-based image retrieval computer vision and image processing.

Deniz Erdogmus

Associate Professor, Office: 422 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3021
Brain computer interfaces, cognitive and interactive systems, nonlinear and statistical signal processing, information theory, machine learning.

Amir Farhat

Academic Specialist, Office: 415 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3024
Integrated Circuits, Solid State Devices

Yunsi Fei

Associate Professor, Office: 318 Dana, Phone: 617.373.2039

Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Hardware-oriented Security, Design Automation, Mobile Computing, Underwater Sensor Networks


Yun Raymond Fu

Assistant Professor, Office: 403 Dana, Phone: 617.373.7328
Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Social Media Analytics, Cyber-Physical Systems

Vincent Harris

University Distinguished Professor William Lincoln Smith Chair Professor, Office: 301 Dana, Phone: 617.373.7603
Design and processing of advance magnetic materials with emphasis on materials for high frequency applications;understanding the structure, processing and magnetism relationship of materials; synchrotron radiation characterization of materials with emphasis on extended x-ray absorption fine structure.

Sheila S. Hemami

Professor & Chair, Office: 407 Dana, Phone: 617.373.7878
Multimedia signal processing, Image & video compression & transmission, Visual psychophysics

Vinay Ingle

Associate Professor, Office: 304 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3008
Multidimensional signal processing and image processing.

David Kaeli

COE Distinguished Professor, Office: 333 Dana, Phone: 617.373.5413
Computer architecture, GPU computing, heterogeneous computing, performance analysis, hardware/software reliability, software and architectural security, microarchitecture simulation, virtualization, Big Data analytics, and biocomputing. 

Yong-Bin Kim

Associate Professor, Office: 327 Dana, Phone: 617.373.2919
Bio-chip, bio sensor, bio sensor interface circuit design, electronic neuron circuit design, low power adaptive robot controller circuit design.
High performance and low power VLSI design, system-on-chip (soc), innovative VLSI circuit and system application, and Physical VLSI CAD.

John Kimani

Assistant Academic Specialist, Office: 405 Dana, Phone: 617.373.6991

RF and microwave semiconductor devices, solid-state chemical and biological sensors, hardware/software design for sensor circuits and systems.


Engin Kirda

Associate Professor, Office: 202 WVH, Phone: 617.373.7484
Malware analysis and detection, web security, social network security, reverse engineering, intrusion detection.

Mieczyslaw Kokar

Professor, Office: 305 Dana, Phone: 617.373.4849
Software engineering, information fusion, intelligent control, artificial intelligence/machine learning.

Miriam Leeser

Professor, Office: 316 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3814
Accelerators for compute intensive applications: reconfigurable hardware and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). Applications including biocomputing and machine learning. Computer arithmetic uses and implementations.

Bradley Lehman

Professor, Office: 421 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3052
Power electronics, dc-dc converters, pulse width modulation, motion control, electric motor drives, analog circuits, control theory, differential equations, time delays, nonlinear systems and control, industrial control.

Hanoch Lev-Ari

Professor, Office: 426 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3032
Adaptive filtering, statistical signal processing, spectrum analysis and estimation, networked dynamic state estimation.

Yongmin Liu

Assistant Professor, Office: 404 Dana, Phone: 617.373.4457
Nano optics, nanoscale materials and engineering, nano devices, plasmonics, metamaterials, and applied physics

Fabrizio Lombardi

Professor, Office: 425 Dana, Phone: 617.373.4854
Fault-tolerant computing, VLSI CAD, testing, configurable computing, distributed systems.

Edwin Marengo

Associate Professor, Office: 327 Stearns, Phone: 617.373.3358
Wave inverse problems, scattering theory, compressive sensing. Physics-based signal processing and imaging, inverse problems in remote sensing and antenna theory, and electromagnetic theory.

Jose Martinez

Assistant Professor, Office: 207 Snell, Phone: 617.373.6835
Antenna analysis, modeling, design, and optimization, subsurface scattering analysis, computational methods of electromagnetics, novel radar system specification and design, explosives detection.

Nicol McGruer

Professor, Office: 326 Dana, Phone: 617.373.2066
MEMS, MOEMS, microfabrication, microsystems, microrelay, microspectrometer, optical switching, optical MEMS.

Steve McKnight

Professor, Office: 302 Stearns, Phone: 617.373.2060
Research and submillimeter devices and materials, optical and infrared materials and systems.

Waleed Meleis

Associate Professor, Office: 320 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3023
Combinatorial optimization, algorithm design and analysis, scheduling, machine learning, parallel computing.

Tommaso Melodia

Associate Professor, Office: 422 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3354
Modeling, optimization, and experimental evaluation of wireless
networked systems; Networked implantable medical systems; Multimedia sensor networks; Secure tactical cognitive radio networks; Underwater networks; Mobile cloud computing


Ningfang Mi

Assistant Professor, Office: 302 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3028
Storage systems, multi-tier enterprise systems, performance evaluation, energy/power management, simulation, data analysis, system modeling, and scheduling/load balancing.

Hossein Mosallaei

Associate Professor, Office: 332 Dana, Phone: 617.373.7354
Electromagnetics and Optics, Quantum Systems, Nanoscale Materials and Metamaterials, Nanoantennas, THz-IR Devices, Multiscale Computation and Mathematical-Numerical Models

Mark Niedre

Associate Professor, Office: 213B LH, Phone: 617.373.5410
Biomedical optics and non-invasive imaging, Rare cell detection and tracking in the body, Ultrafast time-domain diffuse optical imaging, Image reconstruction and biomedical signal processing.

Marvin Onabajo

Assistant Professor, Office: 402 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3452
Design of analog, radio frequency, and mixed-signal integrated circuits; built-in test and calibration techniques for systems-on-a-chip; on-chip temperature sensors for thermal monitoring and built-in testing.

Carey Rappaport

Professor, Office: 302 Stearns, Phone: 617.373.2043
Bioelectromagnetics, microwave tissue imaging, electromagnetic breast cancer detection and treatment, cardiac ablation therapy, microwave assisted balloon angioplasty, catheter-based sensing. Antennas, electromagnetic computation, subsurface sensing and imaging, explosives detection, security system conceptualization and design.

Purnima Ratilal

Associate Professor, Office: 312 Sterns, Phone: 617.373.8458
Remote Sensing, Underwater Acoustics, Acoustical Oceanography, Bioacoustics, Ultrasound Imaging, Nonlinear Scattering, Wave Propagation in Random Media, Signal, Image and Array Processing, Statistical Inference Theory.

Matteo Rinaldi

Assistant Professor, Office: 331 Dana, Phone: 617.373.2751
Design and fabrication of a new class of micro/nano electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) devices suitable for the implementation of high performance and miniaturized sensing platforms that can be used in a wide range of application areas such as homeland security, health care, environmental monitoring, aerospace and telecommunications

Wil Robertson

Assistant Professor, Office: 260 WVH, Phone: 617.373.2136
Trustworthy computing architectures, web security, statistical machine learning for anomaly detection, malware analysis using adversarial program analysis, reverse engineering, intrusion detection.

Masoud Salehi

Associate Professor, Office: 314 Dana, Phone: 617.373.2446
Error correcting codes, information theory, digital communications, source coding, and data compression.

Gunar Schirner

Assistant Professor, Office: 328 Dana, Phone: 617.373.5707
Embedded computer systems, electronic system-level design and methodologies, modeling and analysis of embedded systems, synthesis of embedded software and hardware.

Philip Serafim

Professor, Office: 424 Dana, Phone: 617.373.2063
Electromagnetics, microwaves, remote sensing.

Bahram Shafai

Professor, Office: 427 Dana, Phone: 617.373.2984
Control systems, digital signal processing, robust control.

Michael Silevitch

Professor, Office: 302 Stearns, Phone: 617.373.3033
Electron devices, plasma theory, upper -atmospheric phenomena.

Dagmar Sternad

Professor, Office: 503 Richards, Phone: 617.373.5093
Human movement control, motor learning and adaptation, rehabilitation, dynamic modeling, stability, noise and control, rhythmic movements and coupled oscillator models.

Milica Stojanovic

Professor, Office: 413 Dana, Phone: 617.373.5112
Wireless communications and networks, underwater acoustic transmission, statistical system characterization, adaptive signal processing.

Nian X. Sun

Professor, Office: 417 Dana, Phone: 617.373.3351
Magnetic, ferroelectric and magnetoelectric materials; RF/microwave magnetic and magnetoelectric devices design, fabrication and testing; materials properties at RF/microwave frequency range; self-assembly of magnetic nanostructures.

Mario Sznaier

Dennis Picard Trustee Professor, Office: 420 Dana, Phone: 617.373.5364
Robust control, reduced order models, video-based control, applications to dynamics in imaging and video processing, information extraction from high volume data streams.

Gilead Tadmor

Professor, Office: 414 Dana, Phone: 617.373.5277
Applications of dynamics in imaging, robust and nonlinear control, reduced order models, fluid flow control.

Carmine Vittoria

Professor, Office: 330 Dana, Phone: 617.373.2061
Electromagnetic wave propagation in anisotropic media, physics of magnetism, high tc superconductors and weak link devices, and ferrites and composites magnetic metal alloys and magnetic superlattices miniature microwave circuits.

Edmund Yeh

Associate Professor, Office: 416 Dana, Phone: 617.373.5400
Future internet architecture, cross-layer design and optimization of wireless networks, wireless network science, network economics, wireless sensor networks. Network information theory and coding. Smart power grids.

Affiliated Faculty


George Adams

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Office: 334 Snell, Phone: 617.373.3826
Contact mechanics including adhesion, friction, and plasticity. Modeling and analysis of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), especially microswitch contacts. Modeling and analysis in Nanomechanics, especially of frictional and adhesive interactions of carbon nanotubes with various surfaces

Joseph Ayers

Biology, Office: 134 Mugar, Phone: 781.581.7370
Development of underwater robots for civil infrastructure and explosive sensing; neurophysiology and behavior biomimetics

Ralf Birken

Research Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Office: 501 Stearns, Phone: 617.373.5615
Electromagnetic Geophysics, Near-Surface Geophysics, Integration of Multi-Channel Multi-Domain Sensors into Geophysical Subsurface Imaging Systems, and Non-Destructive Testing

Ahmed Busnaina

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Office: 447 Snell, Phone: 617.373.2992
Nano Engineering, nano and micro-contamination control , particulate and chemical contamination and defects, high rate nanomanufacturing, MEMS and NEMS devices with micro and nano-scale channels, nanomaterials

Gene Cooperman

College of Computer & Information Systems, Office: 202 WVH, Phone: 617.373.8686
High-performance computing and large applications in computational algebra

Michael Epstein

Associate Professor
Speech & Language Pathology & Audiology, Office: 133 Forsyth, Phone: 617.373.5424
Intersection of psychoacoustics and physiology

Mary Florentine

Matthews Distinguished University Professor
Speech & Language Pathology & Audiology, Office: 226 Forsyth, Phone: 617.373.2497
Auditory Neuroscience, Perceptual Acoustics (Psychoacoustics, especially loudness). Ecologically valid auditory perception. Basic processing and models of normal hearing and hearing losses. Cross-cultural attitudes towards noise and annoyance. Hearing-loss prevention through education. Ability of non-native listeners to understand speech in noise

Stephen Intille

Associate Professor
Computer and Information Science, Office: 202 WVHOffice 450, Phone: 617.373.3711
Applying pattern recognition and sensor-driven healthcare technologies to measure physical activity and promote behavior changes that improve health

Holly Jimison

Professor of Practice
Computer & Information Science and Bouvé College of Health Sciences, Office: 476 WVH, Phone: 617.373.2381
Technology-based health interventions for successful aging and scalable remote care

Dmitri Krioukov

Associate Professor
Physics, Office: 617.373.2934
Big data analytics and practical applications, mathematical physics of networks.

Carol Livermore

Associate Professor
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Office: 303 Dana, Phone: 617.373.4922
MEMS-enabled systems for assistive technologies, energy harvesting, and microscale vacuum systems, Tissue engineering via MEMS-enabled cell assembly and origami folding, and Carbon nanotube-based energy storage


Ennio Mingolla

Professor and Chair
Speech & Language Pathology & Audiology & Professor of Psychology, Office: 106 Forsyth, Phone: 617.373.5811
Development and empirical testing of neural network models of visual perception, notably the segmentation, grouping, and contour formation processes of early and middle vision in primates, and on the transition of these models to technological applications

Guevara Noubir

Computer & Information Science, Office: 202 WVH, Phone: 617.373.5205
Wireless systems


Rupal Patel

Associate Professor
Speech & Language Pathology& Audiology, Office: 204 Forsyth, Phone: 617.373.5842
Speech communication and human computer interfaces

Misha Pavel

Professor of Practice
Computer & Information Science and Bouvé College of Health Sciences, Office: 476 WVH, Phone: 617.373.2462
Multi-scale computational modeling of complex behaviors of biological systems applied in healthcare, engineering, and augmentation of human performance

Magy Seif El-Nasr

Associate Professor
College of Arts, Media, and Design and College of Computer and Information Sciences, Office: 100 ME, Phone: 617.373.3928
Interactive entertainment research: design & development of visual aesthetic tools for 3D environments and user experience understanding