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Paper By ECE Associate Professor Mosallaei Selected For Journal of Optics' "Highlights of 2016"

January 26, 2017

A paper by ECE Associate Professor Hossein Mosallaei has been selected by the editors of the Journal of Optics to be included in the "Highlights of 2016" collection.

The paper is titled Turnable Two Dimensional Optical Beam Steering with Reconfigurable Indium Tin Oxide Plasmonic Reflectarry Metasurface by A. Forouzmand and H. Mosallaei.

According to the editor of the journal, papers are selected to be included in this collection based on referee endorsement, novelty, scientific impact, and broadness of appeal. The work presents a unique idea to control the performance of a metasurface in real-time; to function and control the response dynamically. Most of the current metasurfaces to date have had fixed-response (no changeable response). It is very timely especially in the era of the Internet of Things, when one needs devices to respond in time.

Professor Mosallaei's research interests include electromagnetics and optics, quantum systems, nanoscale materials and metamaterials, nanoantennas, THz-IR Devices, multiscale computation and mathematical-numerical models. He has an emphasis on theory and design of metamaterials, from RF to Visible. He is the director of the Northeastern University Metamaterials Laboratory.