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ECE Post-doc Wins Best Paper Award at IEEE Symposium

July 18, 2017

Dr. Zhenyun Qian from Professor Matteo Rinaldi's group received the Best Student paper award at the 2017 IEEE Frequency Control Symposium and European Frequency and Time Forum on July 12 in Besancon, France.

The paper "NEMS Infrared Detectors Based on High Quality Factor 50 nm Thick AlN Nano-Plate Resonators," co-authored by Zhenyun Qian, Vageeswar Rajaram, Sungho Kang and Matteo Rinaldi, presents a novel infrared detector technology that can potentially lead to the development of new class of uncooled thermal cameras with higher resolution and faster frame rate than the ones of commercially available units.

In the picture from left to right: Zhenyun Qian and Professor Clark T.-C. Nguyen (IEEE UFFC Society President)