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ECE Faculty and Students Receive Funding From CRI

January 2, 2019

Four faculty members will have projects funded by Northeastern through the Center for Research innovation as part of a new funding initiative administered by the Center for Research Innovation. For a full description, please see this CRI announcement page.

The projects and faculty awarded include:

Battery-less Infrared Sensor Tags for Reliable Occupancy Sensing (BISTROS)
Matteo Rinaldi, Zhenyun Qian, Sungho Kang

Contactless Wireless Energy Transfer: Anywhere, Anytime Charging Surfaces
Professor Kaushik Chowdhury, Yousof Naderi, Ufuk Muncuk, Kai Li

EchoPose: Smart AI Trainer by Deep Learned Visual Intelligence
Professor Raymond Fu, Songyao Jiang, Fuming Guo

Cation Spin-Engineered Superparamagnetic Mn-ferrite Nanoparticles for MRI Contrast Agents and Targeted Magnetohyperthermia Cancer Remediation
Professor Vincent Harris, Parisa Andalib