About me




A picture is worth a thousand words.


I like the beach very much. I like swimming. I like skiing. I like skating. I like traveling. I like shopping.

I also like museums, theaters (ballet and classical performances) and good books.


I like baby back ribs, steamed lobsters, blue crabs, molten chocolate cake, seared sea scallops. (No wonder I love the beach!)


I like simple lines and close fit. Ann Taylor tops and Banana Republic pants are my type of 9-5 clothing.


I am fortunate to have good friends all the time. Not too many, but a handful of very close, very supportive friends.




My vacation in New York:








My vacation in Disney:





Friend from college visiting Boston:





Friend from college in Chicago: Her trip to Alaska





Friend's baby boy in New York:





Friend's baby girl in San Fran:





Star Fang's pic:





to be updated.


Fox's pic:





to be updated.


My dad:

Visiting Boston home





My mom:

Visiting Ames, IA and Mineapolis, MN:


Pic to be updated.






Have I been looking too serious? Here we go....







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