Retinal Vascular Tracing Project

Retinal Vascular Tracing Project


The objective of this project is to accelerate an existing real-time algorithm for tracing
of the vasculature and analysis of intersections and crossovers in live high-resolution
retinal fundus image sequences, by using reconfigurable hardware.


Dr. Miriam Leeser [1]
Dr. Badrinath Roysam [2]

Graduate Students:
Shawn Miller [1]
Kenneth Fritzsche [2]


[1] Northeastern University
[2] Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Rapid Automated Tracing and Feature Extraction from Retinal Fundus Images
Using Direct Exploratory Algorithms

A.Can, H. Shen, J. N. Turner, H. L. Tanenbaum, B. Roysam
IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, Vol 3, No 2, June 1999


In PowerPoint format.

Reconfigurable Hardware

In this project, we implement hardware sections of the design on reconfigurable computing
engines from Annapolis Microsystems.

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