(Assistant Professor)

418 Dana Research Center
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115

Voice: +39 0382 985253

About Me:

I live in Pavia (Italy), and I work at the Department of Electrical Computer and Biomedical Eng. University of Pavia. I applied for a one month mobility grant, sponsored by my University and prof. Lehman accepted to host me in Aug. 2016 as a guest of the PE Group. I decided to come here to look for new opportunities both with respect to research interests and collaborations.

Research Interests:

Modeling and optimizing energy systems , decision support tools for policy makers, energy management of industrial facilities, microgrids.

Ongoing Projects:

Project: Sustainable Universities, key performance indicators for university campuses
Description: We are currently working on the proposal of guidelines to help technical and administrative offices in universities, making first steps also to answering to the most qualifying questions of the GreenMetric questionnaire.

Project: Implications of the Photovoltaic Generation on the Non-Photovoltaic Generationin the Lombardy Region
Description: This work focuses on the Lombardy region, Northern Italy. It studies the implications that different penetrations of photovoltaic would have on the need for utility generation capacity and on the variability that such capacity would have to face. This has been done by analyzing a combination of real historical irradiance and demand data for the year 2012. From first results, which must be further explored and verified under different conditions, it looks like higher levels of generation from PV plants would lead to higher and more frequent ramps and switches amongst the various centralized power plants units, operated in the region.


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Pavia-Boston Mobility Research Grant - University of Pavia

Erasmus Outgoing mobility programme - Nottingham University (cycle of seminars on compressed air systems)

AEIT Sassi Bonadonna Post doc study grant (host Institution: Energy Analysis Group (leaders: prof. Ernst Worrell (Utrecht Univ, NL) and Lynn Price) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, USA


University of Pavia

IEEE member

Chartered Engineer of the Province of Pavia