(Visiting Associate Professor)

418 Dana Research Center
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115

About Me:

I am visiting Northeastern from the Technical University of Iasi, Romania in visits between October 2013-February 2014, October 2014-February 2015, October 2015-February 2016. Fun Fact: I am a competitive trail runner (10 miles in mountain setting).

Research Interests:

Implementation of PWM patterns within a very large size flash memory

Ongoing Projects:

Project: Arc Fault Generation and Detection

Project: Hybrid Surge Protection Devices


[1] Neacsu, D.O.; Yue Zheng; Lehman, B "An SD Card Flash-Memory-Based Implementation of a Multioptimal Three-Phase PWM Generator", IEEE ECCE 2015, Montreal, Canada, September 2015.

[2] Neacsu, D.O.; Yue Zheng; Lehman, B "Full Inverter Characterization of PWM Algorithms Implemented with a Very Large Flash Memory SD Card", 31st Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference & Exposition, 2016

[3] Neacsu, D.O.; Lehman, B., "A technology demonstrator with a SD Card flash memory for implementation of three-phase multi-optimal PWM generator", IEEE International Conference on Optimization of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (OPTIM), 2014, Year: 2014, Pages: 613 - 620, DOI: 10.1109/OPTIM.2014.6850910