Alumni and Past Visiting Members

Alumni and past visiting members (including professors, post-doc members, and researchers). Please contact Brad with any updates in career, photos, and any other information that you would like to post on this site! Thank you.

Jennifer Savage
Anindita Bhattacharya (Ph.D.)
Wei Song (Ph.D.)
Rosa Ciprian (Ph.D.)
Ting Qian (Ph.D.)
Dustin Rand(MS)
Peng Li(Ph.D.)
Trisha Sun(Ph.D.)
Dung Nguyen (Ph.D.)
Florent Boico (Ph.D.)
Christine Huang

Manish Vaish

Alex Murphy

Julian (Yan) Zhu

Liang Yan

Jeannie (Jingying) Xie

Zoran Mihajlovic