(Post Doctoral Research Fellow)

418 Dana Research Center
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115

About Me:

I completed my Ph.D. in the performance improvement of solar Photovoltaics pertaining to power quality improvement under Anna University, India. I have completed my master's degree in Power Electronics and Drives with Anna University rank.
As a Principal Investigator, I have completed the following research projects:
1. "Design and Development of Multilevel Inverters for Power Quality Improvement in Renewable Energy Sources", sponsored by Department of Science and Technology (Government of India) with the grant amount of Rs.52.75 lakhs
2. Major Research project titled, "Design and Development of Cascaded Multilevel Inverters for PhotoVoltaic applications", sponsored by University Grants Commission (Government of India) with the grant amount of Rs.9.23 lakhs
3. "An Intelligent Controller Design for Power Quality Improvement in Renewable Energy Sources", sponsored by ICT Academy of Tamilnadu.

Research Interests:

Multilevel Inverters, Power Quality, PWM control strategies, Intelligent computing, Solar PV modelling and design, solar PV fault detection and diagnosis

Ongoing Projects:

Project: Fault Tolerant Capability for Solar Photovoltaic System with Intelligent Control Techniques
Description: The objective of this project is to design a fault tolerant capability for solar photovoltaic system with improved cascaded multilevel inverter and intelligent control techniques


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"2016 Premium Award for Best Paper in IET Renewable Power Generation"

"ISTE SAYED SAJID ALI NATIONAL AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING RESEARCH IN THE FIELD OF RENEWABLE ENERGY" (2016) from Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi on 10.01.2016

"YOUNG SCIENTISTS AWARD in Power Electronics" (2015) from Venus International Foundation, Chennai

"YOUNG ENGINEERS AWARD" (2015) from The Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata

"SENIOR EDUCATOR & RESEARCHER AWARD" (2014) from National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development, India on 05.08.2014

"FUTURON AWARD FOR BEST INNOVATION IN RENEWABLE ENERGY" (2014) for the innovation titled, "High Performance Solar Inverter with Reduced Harmonic Distortions"

"BEST TECHNO FACULTY AWARD" (2014) from ICT Academy of Tamilnadu, Government of Tamilnadu

"P.K.Das Memorial BEST FACULTY AWARD" (2013) from Nehru Group of Institutions on 15.12.2013

"BHARATH EXCELLENCE AWARD" (2011) from Friendship Forum of India, New Delhi