Photoacsoutic Schlieren Elastography of the Cornea

Research Overview

Accurately measuring the mechanical properties of cornea, such as the elastic moduli, are important for scientists to better understand functionality of the human eye. However, current methods of mechanical testing are largely inaccurate and misleading, as excised corneal samples are not representative of in-vivo corneal tissue behavior.

An alternative is proposed, combining a heating laser which induces an acoustic pressure wave and a Schlieren imaging system to visualize the wave’s propagation via changes in the tissues refractive index as its density fluctuates. Post-processing of the data can yield more accurate mechanical information about the cornea while maintaining potential to be non-invasive process in the future. The first phase involves designing and building a proof of concept system; once completed, testing will be carried out to verify its quantitative ability.

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Optical Science Laboratory

This research project is part of the work at the Optical Science Laboratory of Chuck DiMarzio in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University. For other projects see Optical Science Lab Research Page.

Last update 11 July 2012