Multi-modal Nanoparticles

Images in Skin

Research Overview

The focus of this research is on the diffusion of nanoparticles through skin. We are using various techniques to get gold nanoparticles (2-40nm) to travel about 200 micrometers into skin samples. Using confocal reflectance microscopy and 2-photon fluorescence microscopy, the nanoparticles' signal is measured and we observe how they interact with the cells (i.e. position themselves around the cells, enter the cells, etc.). Currently, we are improving methods to transport the nanoparticles further into skin and accurately identify the nanoparticles' signals. This area of research will eventually allow physicians to detect skin cancer more efficiently and more accurately.

For more information, contact Casey Marques.

Optical Science Laboratory

This research project is part of the work at the Optical Science Laboratory of Prof. Charles DiMarzio in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University. For other projects see Optical Science Lab Research Page.

Last update 8 Sep 2009