The Northeastern Coop Program

The coop program at Northeastern includes up to three 6-month periods of paid, full-time, employment in actual Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering positions.

Some Popular ECE Coop Employers

Bose Corporation, Ametek Aerospace, EMC, Raytheon
NE Controls, Analog Devices, NSTAR, Groove Networks, VMWare
IBM, Mitre, Panametrics, Textron, Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Sun
General Electric, Oasis Semiconductor, Lockheed Martin, Mathworks
US Dept. of Transportation, Volpe Ctr., LTX, Zoran
Massachusetts Electric, National Grid, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Comcast, Mercury Computer, Motorola, Massachusetts General Hospital

Range of Employment Opportunities

Typical ECE Coop Assignments

Median Coop Salaries (2005 survey)

What do ECE coop students typically make?

Student Coop Placement

What percentage of students looking for coop positions actually find them?