Symposium Program

The IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications

February 11-13, 2002
Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, MA, USA

Sponsored by: IEEE Computer Society, Technical Committee on Distributed Processing

General Chair and Program Co-Chair General Co-Chair Program Chair
D. R. Avresky F. Lombardi B. W. Johnson
E-mail: E-mail: E-mail:
Network Computing Lab. Northeastern University University of Virginia
Northeastern University ECE Department EE Department
ECE Department Boston, MA 02115, USA Charlottesville, VA 22903, USA
Boston, MA 02115, USA

Program Committee
M. Azevedo, Compaq Computers, USA K. Birman, Cornell University, NY, USA
J. Bruck, Caltech, CA, USA I. Chlamtac, UTD, TX, USA
J. Duato, University of Valencia, Spain K. Fuchs, Purdue Univiversity, IN, USA
P. Fejer, UMB, MA, USA C. Fetzer, AT&T, Shannon Lab., USA
O. Frieder, IIT, IL, USA D. Follet, Emulex, USA
J-L. Gaudiot, University of Southern California, CA, USA J. Hayes, The University of Michigan, USA
H. Hellwagner, University of Klagenfurt, Austria B. Horst, 3WARE, USA
T. Katayama, JAIST, Japan H. Levendel, Motorola, USA
Q. Li, Santa Clara Univiversity, USA R. Melhem, University of Pittsbourgh, USA
P. Mehra, Compaq Computers, USA K. Makki, Fl. Int. University, USA
E. Maehle, University of Luebeck, Germany A. Robinson, STDC, USA
M. Raynal, IRISA, France J. Redi, BBN, USA
A. Shvartsman, University of Connecticut, USA K. Siu, MIT, MA, USA
A. Steininger, TUV, Austria P. Simienov, Germany
J. Plank - Univ. of Tennessee, USA H. Verheyen, Monterey Design, USA
K. Panetta, Tufts University, USA

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Routing Mechanisms and Protocols, IP Multicast - System Area Networks (SAN)/Switch Fabrics
- Performance Modeling/Analysis and Load Balancing - Local and Wide Area Networking
- High Speed Networks/Protocols and Middleware - Optical Communication Networks
- Terabit optical switching/routing architectures - Quality of Services (QoS) Issues
- Computation-intensive Applications in Networked Systems - Virtual Private Networking
- Programming Environments and Tools for Distributed Systems - Web Caching and Switching
- Dependable High-Speed Wide, Local, and System Area Networks - Dependable Distributed Mobile Computing
- Protocol Verification and Validation, Network Security - Reliable Group Communications Protocols
- Scalable and Reliable Distributed Servers, Internet Servers - Practical Experiences and Prototypes, e-Commerce

Monday, February 11, 2002

Session 1: Plenary
Opening remarks 9.00am - 9.15 am
Welcome Address
Dr. Richard Freeland
President, Northeastern University,
Boston, MA, USA

Keynote speaker 9.15am - 10.00 am
Scalability Challenges and Solutions for Emerging Networks
K. Birman, Cornell University, Ithaca. NY, USA
CEO, Reliable Network solutions, Mountainview, CA, USA

Coffee break 10.00am - 10.30am

Keynote speaker 10.30am - 11.15am
Trends in System Area Network
Pankaj Mehra, Compaq Research Labs, USA

Keynote speaker 11.15am-12.00 noon
Constructing Ad Hoc Networks
Jim Waldo, Sun Microsystems Inc., USA

Lunch Break 12.00-1pm

Keynote Speaker 1.00pm - 1.45pm
NetSolve and Its Applications
Jack Dongarra
University of Tennessee, USA

Session 2A:
2.00pm - 2.30pm
Hardware-and Software -Based Collective Communications on the Quadrics Network
F. Petrini, S. Coll, E. Frachtenberg and A. Hoisie
Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
2.30pm - 3.00pm
Calculation of Deadline Missing Probability in a QoS Capable Cluster
E. Kim, K.Yum and C. Das
The Penn State University, USA
3.00pm - 3.30pm
Influence of Network Size and Load on the Performance of Reconfiguration
R. Casado, A. Bermudez, F.Quiles and Jose Duato
University of Castila-La Mancha and Technical University of Valencia, Spain

Coffee break 3.30pm - 4.00pm

Session 2B
4.00pm - 4.30pm
A Law-Abiding Peer-to-Peer Network for free-Software Distribution
A. Bakker, M. Steen and Andrew Tanenbaum
Vrije University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
4.30pm - 5.00pm
Micro-Firewalls for Dynamic Network Security with Distributed Intrusion detection
K. Hwang and M. Gaugadharan,
University of Southern California, USA
5.00pm - 5.30pm
Dependability under Malicious Agreement in N-modular Redundancy-on-Demand
M. Al-Hashimi, H.H. Pu, N. Park and F. Lombardi
Texas A&M University and Northeastern University, USA

Coffee break 5.30pm - 6.00pm

Session 2A-S

Short papers
6.00pm - 6.15pm
Application Routing Load Balancing (ARLB) to support QoS for VoIP
Application over a VPNs environment
S. Chimmanee, K. Wipusitwarakun, P. Termsinsuwan and Y. Gando
6.15pm - 6.30pm
Probabilistic Semantically Reliable Multicast
J. Pereira, L. Rodrigues, R. Oliveira and A. Kermarres
University of Minho, University of Lisboa (Portugal)
and Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK.
6.30pm - 6.45pm
Replicated Database Recovery using Multicast Communications
JoAnne Holliday
Santa Clara University, USA
6.45pm - 7.00pm
Eva: an Event-Based Framework for Developing Specialized Communication Protocols
F. Brasiliero, F. Greve, M.Hurfin, J. Narzul and F. Tronel
FUB,Brazil and IRISA-INRIA, France

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Session 2C
8.30am - 9.00am
Comparison of the Analytic N-Burst Model with Other Approximations to
telecommunications Traffic
L. Lipsky, H. Schwefel, M. Jobmannn and M. Greiner
Univ. of Connecticut, USA,
Technical University of Munich and Siemens, Germany
9.00am - 9.30am
Optimal Utilization of Equivalent Paths in Computer Networks with
Static Routing
D. Avresky, V. Shurbanov, N. Natchev, P. Mehra and F . Zuccarino
Network Computing Lab, Northeastern University and
Compaq Research Labs, USA
9.30am - 10.00am
Execution-Driven Simulation of IP Router Architectures
L. Bhuyan and H. Wang
University of California Riverside and Texas A&M University, USA

Coffee Break 10.00am - 10.30am

Session 3A Plenary

Keynote speaker 10.30am - 11.15am
On the Design of High-Speed Switch Fabrics
Technical University of Valencia, Spain

Keynote Speaker 11.15am - 12.00
Distributed Storage Networking Architectures:
Fibre Channel, i-SCSI, Ethernet, InfiniBand, Hyper Transport,
Rapid IO&3GIO Collide in the Data Center
D. Follett, Senior Vice President, Emulex Corp., USA

Lunch Break 12.00 - 1pm

Session 3B
1.00pm - 1.30pm
Using Simple Remote Evaluation to Enable Efficient Application Protocols
in Mobile Environments
S.Czerwinski and A. Joseph
University of Berkeley, USA
1.30pm - 2.00pm
Data Logistics in Network Computing: The Logistical Session Layer
M. Swany and R. Wolski,
University of Tennessee, USA
2.00pm - 2.30pm
Two-Tier Cooperation: A Scalable Protocol for Web Cache Sharing
A. Santoro, B. Ciciani, M. Colajanni and F. Quaglia
University of Roma, University of Modena, Italy
2.30pm - 3.00pm
IP Storage and the CPU Consumption Myth
Robert Horst, 3ware, Inc. CA, USA
3.00pm - 3.30pm
Network Aware Symbiotic Video Transcoding for Instream Rate Adaptation
J. Khan and Q. GU
Kent State University, USA

Coffee Break 3.30pm - 4.00pm

Session 3C Plenary
Keynote Speaker 4.00pm - 4.45pm
The challenges of delivering content on the Internet
Tom Leighton, MIT, MA, USA

Coffee Break 4.45pm - 5.00pm

Section 3D
Research Industrial Papers
5.00pm - 5.30pm
Real Time Resource Management and Adaptive Parallel Programming for a
Cluster of Computers: A comparison of different approaches in a
computationally intensive environment
N.K. Roy, Microway, Inc. , MA, USA
5.30pm - 6.00pm
A Fault-Tolerant Approach to Network Security
J. Lundell, CTO,
Resilience Corporation, CA, USA

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Session 4A - Short papers
8.30am - 8.45am
Replica Divergence Control Protocol in Weakly Connected Environment
A.Jebali and M. Makpango
INRIA, France
8.45am - 9.00am
Component -based peer-to-peer distributed processing in heterogeneous
networks using JAVA PORTS
El. Manolakos, D. Galatopoullos and A.Funk
Northeastern University, USA
9.00am - 9.15am
A Java Cluster Management Service
R.Mello, M.Paiva and L. Trevelin
Federal University of Sao Paolo, Brazil

Coffee break 9.15am - 9.45am

Session 4B
Invited talk 9.45am - 10.15am
Local Scheduling for Distributed Cooperation
G. Malewitcz, A. Russell and A. Shvartsman
Univ. of Connecticut, MA, USA
10.15am - 10.45am
Reconfigurable Algorithms in View Synchrony
N.Lesley and A. Fekete
University of Sidney, Australia
10.45am - 11.15am
Automated validation of distributed software using the IF environment
M.Bozga, S. Graf and L. Mounier
VERIMAG, Grenoble, France

Session 4C Plenary

Keynote Speaker 11.15am - 12.00
Mobile Internet - Research Toy or Product Vision
H. Schwefel, Siemens AG, Germany

Lunch Break 12.00 - 1pm

Session 4D
1pm - 1.30pm
Tapping TCP Streams
M. Orgiyan and C. Fetzer
AT&T Labs - Research, NJ, USA
1.30pm - 2.00pm
There is more to service carrier-grade quality than QoS
Motorola Global Software Group,Il, USA
2.00pm - 2.30pm
Partial replication in the Database State Machine
A.Sousa,F. Pedone, R. Oliveira and F. Moura
University of Minho, Portugal and Hewlett-Packard Labs, USA
2.30pm - 3.00pm
An Analytic Performance Model of Parallel Systems that Performs
N Tasks using Processors that can fail
G. Weerasinghe, I. Antonious and L. Lipsky
University of Connecticut, CT, USA
3.00pm - 3.30pm
The Effect of Timeout Prediction and Selection on Wide Area
Collective Operations
J. Plank, R.Wolski and M. Allen
University of Tennessee, TN, USA

Coffee break 3.30pm - 4.00pm

Session 4E - Short papers
4.00pm - 4.15pm
On the Scalability of Topologies for Storage Area Networks in
Building Environments
X. Molero, F.Silla, V. Santonja and J. Duato
Technical University of Valencia, Spain
4.15pm - 4.30pm
Simulation Experiments of a High-Performance Rapid IO-based Processing
J. Adams, D. Hecht, W. Rosen, C. Katsini, V. Adams, H. Narravula,
S. Sukhtankarand R. Lachenmaier
Rydal Inc., Drexel University, Naval Air Warfare Center, USA
4.30pm - 4.45pm
Monitoring of Mobile Agents in Large Cluster Systems
M.Gonne, C. Grewe and H. Pals,
Institute of Computer Engineering, MU Lubeck, Germany
4.45pm - 5.00pm
Box-to-Box Disk Mirroring using Ethernet
Q. Li
Santa Clara University, CA, USA

Coffee Break 5.00 - 5.30pm

Session 4F-Short papers
5.30pm - 5.45pm
Limited Scope Probing: A Distributed Approach for QoS-based Routing
K.Teng M. Maheswaran
University of Manitoba, Canada
5.45 - 6.00
The Influence of Proportional Jitter and Delay on End To End Delay in Differentiated Service Network
T. Quynh, H. Karl, A. Wolisz and K. Rebensburg
Technical University of Berlin, Germany
6.00pm - 6.15pm
Performance Analysis of a Wireless MAN
J. Amaro and R. Lopes
Politechnic Institute of Braganca, Portugal

Session 4G -Short papers
6.15pm - 6.30pm
Static Load Balancing for CFD Simulations on a Network of Workstations
A. Chronopoulos,Daniel Grosu, A. Wissink and M. Benche
University of Texas, San Antonio, USA
6.30pm - 6.45pm
A Query Management Toolkit for Networked Information Systems
R.Simon, J. Nolan and A. Sood
George Masson University, VA, USA
6.45pm - 7.00pm
A Predicate Calculus Logic for the PKI Trust Model Analysis
H. Bakkali and M Kaitouni
IURS, Rabat, Marocco

Closing remarks 7.00pm - 7.15pm