China Trip

Here are some pictures from my week in China, with meetings at SIBET in Suzhou, in Jiangsu province, west of Shanghai, another talk at Beihang University, the school Zetong attended before coming to NU, and some sightseeing in Suzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai. I had good research conversations, met some good friends, and enjoyed some outstanding meals. Thanks to all the people who made it possible.


Getting ready to talk at SIBET in Suzhou. This was the main purpose of the trip. IMG_2081.jpg
See the story here.

Sightseeing in Suzhou

The Lion Forest Garden with Zhenhua. The 3-D maze in the background is made of limestone from the lake. IMG_2088.jpg
Lotus plants (Good to eat with "Chinese blueberries." IMG_2092.jpg
In the Humble Administrator's Garden with Zetong. IMG_2093.jpg
I'm not sure what this is called, but it's good. IMG_2094.jpg
Trying a chicken foot. lunch.jpg
Street corner in Suzhou. Bike roads are everywhere. IMG_2097.jpg
Suzhou's own Leaning Tower on Tiger Hill. IMG_2100.jpg
Kunqui Opera in the Lingering Garden. IMG_2112.jpg

Venture Week

Behind the Grand Dushu Lake Hotel. IMG_2119.jpg
Eating Lotus seeds. IMG_2124.jpg
Venture Week Opening Ceremony. IMG_2126.jpg


High-Speed Train to Beijing. IMG_2134.jpg
High Speed indeed: 750 miles in 5 hours. IMG_2137.jpg
View from the Train. It rained enough to clear and cool the air for our arrival. IMG_2139.jpg
Sports complex at Beihang University. IMG_2141.jpg
Duck at Quanjude. IMG_1822.jpg
Put it in a "pancake." IMG_1823.jpg
Eat with fingers or chopsticks. IMG_1824.jpg
With Dr. Yin, Zetong's professor at Beihang. IMG_1827.jpg
"It is indeed a great wall." Anyone remember that quote? IMG_2147.jpg
Ski this! A steep and challenging climb. IMG_2151.jpg
We went in at Badoling and hiked as far as possible south, and then north to the 8th tower and back. The towers were originally used for signaling. IMG_2166.jpg
Hot pot dinner. Zetong and "Bear." IMG_2173.jpg
Chuck and Yu. IMG_2175.jpg
The song asks if, when you are away, someone is waiting for you. IMG_2177.jpg
"The Bird's Nest." IMG_2178.jpg
Water Cube. IMG_2179.jpg
Bird's Nest. IMG_2180.jpg
Bird's Nest. IMG_2182.jpg
Entering the Forbidden City. IMG_2186.jpg
Looking back from the Forbidden City toward Tiananman Square. IMG_2188.jpg
Inside the Forbidden City. IMG_2191.jpg
Lunch at the train station. IMG_2195.jpg
Qufu, Home of Confucius on the train ride back to Suzhou. IMG_2196.jpg

Suzhou Again

Dinner with Zetong's parents and "The Zs," Zhenhua and Zetong... IMG_2198.jpg
A home-cooked feast in the hotel room. IMG_2200.jpg

And Finally, Shanghai

Shanghai from the Bund. IMG_2202.jpg
Look at all that coal. IMG_2205.jpg
Tired tour guides and translators take a well-earned rest. Thanks guys! IMG_2209.jpg
The "Wall Street" of China. IMG_2212.jpg
Shanghai TV Tower with Zhenhua. IMG_2213.jpg
Chinglish. One of many examples. IMG_2215.jpg
The MagLev to the airport. IMG_2216.jpg