Research & Projects 

Open RA Position in HPVLSI Lab

  • Qualification
  •  Strong Interests/Knowledge in Analog/Digital Integrated Circuit Design
  •  PH.D Student With Earned MS Degree in Electronics or Circuit Design
  •  Hands-on Experiences on VLSI Tools such as Cadence and HSPICE
  •  Industry Experiences is a Big Plus
  • Project

  •  Circuit Design and Modeling for Nano Technology
  •  Analog Robotic Controller Chip Design
  •  Analog Neuron and Synapse Circuit Design
  •  Digital, Analog, and Mixed Mode IP Block Design
  •  Radiated EMI effect on High Frequency Clock Jitter
  •  Interconnect related Deep Sub-micron physical design methodology development
  •  Low Power Circuit Design Methodology development
  •  Mixed mode asynchronous VLSI system design for telecommunication systems
  •  Repeater (buffer) insertion methodology development for high performance microprocessors
  •  VLSI implementation of adaptive filter for mobile communication