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Hossein MosallaeiComputational EM and Physics Laboratory at Northeastern University enables comprehensive solutions for coupled Maxwells and Schrodingers equations, exploits fundamental physics, and creates transformational electromagnetic and optical systems. The goal is to achieve state-of-the-art mathematical models and computational techniques to innovatively solve and characterize large-area system platforms. The emphasis is on nanoelectromagnetics, metamaterials and metasurfaces, photonics and plasmonics, heterogeneous structures, hybrid nanomaterials and quantum systems.

Our paper, "Truly achromatic optical metasurfaces: a filter circuit theory-based design" published in JOSA B, was top 10 downloaded articles in Sept 2015.

Our article, "A robust computation of scattering and absorption of light
by array of nanowires on layered substrate" has accepted for
publication in JOSA B.

Our article "Truly achromatic optical metasurfaces: A filter circuit theory based design" has accepted for publication in JOSA B.

Our paper "Functional Graded Index Metasurfaces for IR Radiation and
Guiding" has accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on

Our paper on "Wave Manipulation with Designer Dielectric Metasurfaces" has accepted for publication in Optics lett.

Our paper on "Electromagnetic study of the chlorosome antenna complex of Chlorobium-tepidum" published in ACS Nano.

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