Stephen W. McKnight. Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Center for Electromagnetics Research

235 Forsyth Building

Northeastern University

360 Huntington Avenue

Boston, Massachusetts 02115-5005

617/373-2060 Fax: 617/373-8627


BS, Oberlin College, 1969

PhD, University of Maryland, 1977

Current Areas of Research Activity and Interest

Optical, infrared and submillimeter characterization and phenomena, semiconductors, amorphous metals and magnetic materials, interfaces and multilayers, computer control of experiments.

Previous Work of Most Relevance to Company Interests

Spectroscopy from the far-infrared to the vacuum-ultraviolet; transport measurements; conductivity, Hall, and magneto-resistance; cryogenics; UHV; high pressure; cathodoluminescence; non-destructive characterization of thin films and interfaces; film and multilayer fabrication and characterization.