Test Specification



Provide an overview of your approach to testing the system. What features are you planning to test? What strategies are you going to use? How much time do you intend to spend on testing? How many test cases are you going to generate?

White Box Testing

Describe the white box testing in detail (for each class). Show test cases that you plan to use for each class. Explain why you selected these particular tests. Explain how you can achieve (implement) each test case.

Integration Testing

Describe the order of integration. Describe the drivers and/or stubs you are going to develop. Describe how and why you partition the data (input/output) space. List the test cases used in the integration tests. Explain why you used these particular test cases. Describe how you will implement each test case.

Validation Testing

Show how you plan to test each of the functional requirements from your system and software specification. Give test cases used in your tests. Describe how you will implement each test case.

Testing Results

(This part is to be provided with the final document.) Show the results of your testing along with the expected outputs.