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KDD-2011 Workshops
The ACM KDD-2011 organizing committee invites proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with the conference. The overall purpose of a workshop is to provide participants with the opportunity to present and discuss novel research ideas on active and emerging topics of knowledge discovery and data mining.

Workshops can take on a number of forms including but not limited to being organized around emerging research areas, challenge problems and industrial applications. If workshop proposers need extra time to prepare their workshop we may consider early decisions if justified. The organizers of approved workshops are required to announce the workshop and call for papers, gather submissions, conduct the reviewing process and decide upon the final workshop program. They must also prepare an informal set of workshop proceedings to be distributed with the registration materials at the conference. They may choose to form organizing or program committees for assistance in these tasks.

Workshop proposals due: Feb 1, 2011
Notification of decision: Mar 1, 2011
Proposals should be no more than five pages in length and must include the following:
  • Description of the workshop: abstract, objectives, goals, relevance, and expected outcome
  • Motivation why an ACM SIGKDD workshop on this topic is needed
  • Description of the anticipated target group(s) of attendees
  • List of core committed program committee members
  • Preliminary list of invited speakers (if any)
  • For workshops previously held at KDD or other conferences details on venue, attendance and number of submissions from previous years.
  • For new workshops a list of potential attendees/submissions and/or a justification of the expected attendees and submissions.
  • Duration of the workshop (full day or half day)
  • Contact information (address, email, and phone) for all organizers
  • A designated contact person
Proposers are encouraged to have their drafts reviewed by potential workshop participants before submission.

Workshop proposals should be submitted via email to: workshops@kdd2011.com

  • Ian Davidson, The University of California, Davis
  • Jennifer Dy, Northeastern University
FAQ for Workshop Organizers
  1. Will the papers from the workshop be included in the KDD2011 CD Proceedings and/or ACM DL?
    • The workshop papers will be included in the KDD2011 CD Proceedings.
    • The workshop papers will be included in the ACM DL.
    • All the papers MUST be in by July 1 to be included in both.
    • To be included in both, camera-ready papers, front matter, and copyright forms must be submitted. Details are provided below.

  2. Are there guidelines we need to follow for format of papers?
    • The paper MUST follow the SIGKDD 2011 format (see conference website for style files and templates).

  3. Will there be a wifi connection?
    • We believe there will be WiFi connectivity and coffee breaks. All these are under negotiations and we will update you shortly.

  4. Can we have demos and posters?
    • No special equipment will be provided by the conference to support posters (e.g. boards). If you plan to use the walls then you must ensure that you do not damage them.

  5. Who will provide lunch?
    • It is up to each individual workshop to handle the lunch issue.

  6. Will registration be handled through the KDD Web page?
    • Yes, the registration will be handled through the KDD Web page. Everyone who register will be asked that they indicate the workshop that they will attend. Please encourage your attendees to fill that form since the workshop room assignments will be based on this information.

  7. Will all logistics/facilities for the workshop be handled by the KDD organization committee (local arrangements chair)?
    • Yes.

  8. Will the proceedings from the workshop be published by KDD or do we need to begin making arrangements for this ourselves?
    • If the camera-ready papers, front-matter and copyright notices are submitted by the 1st of July, the Proceedings will be published on the USB stick distributed to all participants and it will be in the ACM DL publication.

  9. Will there be free registrations for workshop organizers?
    • Each workshop will receive one free registration.

  10. Final Matters
    1. What is the deadline for submitting all materials for the workshop?
      • The deadline is July 1. By this date you should have your proceedings (see below for general instructions for proceeding) ready.
    2. a) General instructions for proceedings volumes?
      • General Instructions for Proceedings volumes

        IMPORTANT: Workshop organizers must submit the copyright information of your workshop through the automated system as described in this section III. Please send the .csv file to Adrienne Griscti griscti@hq.acm.org. After this occurs, ACM will setup a website for you to upload your files. Please contact Adrienne directly for technical issues but do CC workshops@kdd2011.com in your correspondence.

        ACM has an automated copyright form collection system for ACM published proceedings. Accepted authors are sent the ACM form and complete instructions. A weekly reminder is sent to authors with outstanding forms. Reminders are sent every week until four weeks before the conference/workshop.

        You will be provided access to the submission site and will be able to view the status of the forms. All of the copyright forms must be submitted/approved four weeks prior to your conference/workshop, and viable paper/front matter files submitted to ensure DL inclusion of the proceedings on the first day of the conference/workshop.

        The publication should not be distributed in any format until the copyright forms have been approved.

        To initiate the automated copyright form system, ACM will need the following information in a .csv file:

        "Paper Type", "Title", "Lead Author;Author2;Author3;etc.", "Lead Author e-mail", "paper number"

        Please note that papers of 5 pages in length or longer are considered Full Papers.

        Sample record:

        "Full Paper", "This is a Sample Title", "Adrienne Griscti;Donna Cappo;John Smith", "griscti@hq.acm.org","123"

        "Paper Type" : Please include one of the following paper types (only) for each of the submissions:

        Abstract Course Notes Demo Doctorial Consortium Extended Abstract Full paper Invited Talk Panel Poster Short Paper (4-5 pages) Tutorial

        "Title": Please include the paper title as it will appear in the proceedings.

        "Author": Please list the lead author first, and include all contributing authors, separated by semi-colons

        "Lead Author email": Please provide the e-mail address for the lead author. The lead author will be sent the copyright form and be asked to endorse the form on behalf of all contributing authors.

        Associated links :

        * http://www.acm.org/publications/policies/copyright_policy
        * http://www.acm.org/publications/policies/plagiarism_policy
    3. b) General instructions for USB Stick Proceedings

      • Creating Online Proceedings

      • The proceedings chairs have finally finalized the process adding workshop proceedings to the USB stick. Here workshop.zip is a file that contains a sample submission. It contains an workshop-index.html file, a "doc" folder, and a workshop-index_files folder. The workshop organizers should put the pdfs of the workshop papers (formated according to the correct formatting guidelines ) in the "doc" folder, and should modify the workshop-index.html to reflect their workshop's information, and link to the papers in the "doc" folder (keeping the layout the same as much as possible). The page should be as self-contained as possible, made for viewing offline (e.g. if there are any images added such as speakers photos they should be included in the workshop-index_files folder). After checking that all links work, the workshop organizers should put all these things in a folder named WKSxx (replace xx with your workshop number which is the same as the registration code number) and zip it. For technical issues with this please contact publications@kdd2011.com and reference you are referring to the USB stick proceedings but do CC workshops@kdd2011.com in your correspondence.

      • Uploading proceedings:

      • Please upload your proceedings at: ftp://arnetminer.org/ with the following account: kdd11/tmp123. Each workshop please create a directory with the its name. For technical issues with this please contact publications@kdd2011.com and reference you are referring to the USB stick proceedings but do CC workshops@kdd2011.com in your correspondence.

    1. What to do with copyright issues?
      • Additionally, in order for the SIGKDD'11 workshop proceedings to be included in the ACM Digital Library, a copyright form (http://www.acm.org/pubs/copyright_form.html) signed by the lead author of each paper should be sent to you by the authors. The SURFACE MAIL OPTION IS NO LONGER ACCEPTED (it is outdated). Workshop organizers should follow the instructions for the automated system in question 10, number 2 above.

        Organizers need to include a front matter (including table of contents/author index)

        Contact person at ACM:

        Adrienne Griscti
        2 Penn Plaza, Suite 701
        New York, NY 10121-0701
        (P) 212-626-0615
        (F) 212-302-5826

        Once the copyright forms, title pages and front matter are approved, you will receive information concerning how to submit the proceedings for inclusion in the Digital Library.
    2. What are the ISBN numbers for each workshop?
      • 5th International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data (SensorKDD-2011) 978-1-4503-0832-8
      • The Fifth International Workshop on Social Network Mining and Analysis (SNAKDD 2011) 978-1-4503-0833-5
      • Mining and Learning with Graphs 978-1-4503-0834-2
      • Knowledge Discovery in Educational Data 978-1-4503-0835-9
      • Knowledge Discovery, Modeling and Simulation 978-1-4503-0836-6
      • Predictive Markup Language Modeling (PMML) 978-1-4503-0837-3
      • Mining Data Semantics (MDS2011) 978-1-4503-0838-0
      • 10th International Workshop on Data Mining in Bioinformatics (BIOKDD '11) 978-1-4503-0839-7
      • Data Mining Applications in Sustainability 978-1-4503-0840-3
      • The Eleventh International Workshop on Multimedia Data Mining (MDMKDD 2011) 978-1-4503-0841-0
      • KDD4Service: Data Mining for Service and Maintenance 978-1-4503-0842-7
      • Data Mining for Medicine and Healthcare 978-1-4503-0843-4
      • The Third Workshop on Large-scale Data Mining: Theory and Applications 978-1-4503-0844-1
      • The Fifth International Workshop on Data Mining and Audience Intelligence for Online Advertising 978-1-4503-0845-8
    3. Do we need to write a workshop summary?
      • SIGKDD has in the past requested a summary of each workshop for publication in the SIGKDD Explorations newsletter and it is a good way to wrap up the workshop.
    4. Past samples of previous workshop proceedings from ACM DL
    5. About time management of the workshop
      • Rooms will be available starting at officially 8 am and end at 5 pm. The main conference will officially start at 6 pm.
    6. Can workshops have poster boards?
      • As in previous KDDs, we request the workshop organizers to put up the posters on the wall using some removable paper tapes, and to remove them by the end of the day. (Lesson for future KDD: Some were hanging posters using very adhesive tape that the hotel did not like. We recommend workshops with poster sessions to bring their own method of hanging posters and to check with the local arrangements chair what the hotel allows.)
    7. Workshop extensions
      • Lesson for future KDD: Make sure organizers stick to the time table provided to avoid time conflicts.