Prof. DiMarzio is associate professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Northeastern University. He is affiliated with the Biomedical Engineering Program and the Gordon Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems (CenSSIS). He is available for consulting on optical instrumentation, particularly for biomedical and remote-sensing applications.

He is available for consulting an average of one day per week during the academic year from September through April, and more frequently during the summer months.

He has 14 years of industrial experience in optical systems engineering at Raytheon Company, primarily with Doppler laser radar, and continues to work closely with industry through his affiliation with research centers at Northeastern. His industrial expertise includes

He has

He holds the following degrees:

Much of his research is focused on

Application areas include imaging of The research includes computational modeling, design and fabrication of experimental hardware, and processing of data.

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