Bike Dates for 2016

We are planning the usual bike trip to Cape Cod. We average about 10 MPH, and stop frequently, so a typical day is around 10 hours. Nevertheless, this is a pretty serious trip (about 100 miles the first day and 45 the second, through some rolling hills), which you should only attempt if you are in good shape and have experience riding moderate distances. As to the cost, in 2015 lodging was just under $400 in total for 10 people We'll divide the total by the number of people who sign on for the trip. The ferry company is currently indicating the fare with a bicycle will be $62.

We also do one day of mountain biking at Mount Snow. For that we drive up and stay in Vermont the night before. Rental bikes are available ($70 in 2012) and are pretty good. Helmets are $10, and other protective gear can also be rented. Don't be intimidated by the pictures. What we do is considerably tamer than what they show (with one notable exception in our history), but we still usually draw a bit of blood. Lift tickets are $35 in 2012.
We usually stay at the Kitzhof Inn a short distance from the access road. Cost is usually around $300 plus tax for up to eight people, with breakfast included. We'll divide the actual cost by the number of people. I will ask for money in advance so I can make the reservations.

Below are the dates for this summer. Let me know which of the two trips are of interest to you, and what dates you can make, and I'll try to accommodate everyone.

On other weekends, it would be good to do some training rides, I often take a short afternoon urban ride (River Roads, Navy Yard, Horn Pond in Woburn, Concord/Bedford/Burlington, etc. from 10 up to 40 miles or more) on weekend days when I don't have any major trips scheduled. Frequently Sunday afternoons are best for this, but other options are also possible. Drop me a note if you are interested. Anyone interested in planning longer training rides, let me know and I'll post them. You can look at my Everytrail rides for some ideas, although you'll have to scroll down through the ski trips.

Chuck: both
Jason: Both.
Paul B: Both
Chris; Mt. Snow
Zac: Cape
Dave R: Cape
Timon: Mt. Snow

Watch this space in early November for ski trips, and look in May for the next bike season.

Holiday Weekend.

No Paul

No Paul

Tough M: No Mt. Snow. No Chris.

No Paul.

Holiday Weekend No Chuck. No Chris. No Zac.

Eastern St. Race: No Mt. Snow. No Paul No Chris. No Zac.

No Timon Mt. Snow. Chuck, Jason, Chris, Sam

No Paul
No Paul No Chris. No Zac.
Event: No Mt. Snow. Pan MA Ch: Bad for Cape. No Paul No Zac. No Chris

No Paul. No Chris.

No Chris.

Cape Cod Trip Cabin confirmed for up to 6. Need Ferry Tix. Chuck, Jason, Paul, Zac, Dave R., Sam
Holiday Weekend. No Chris. No Zac.

No Paul.

No Paul. no Chris.

Possible No Chris.