Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Here are some pictures from the Barre Bash at Eclipse Ranch on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. The day included horseback riding, traditional Memorial Day cookout, music by Deep Blue Djinn, and a bonfire. Thanks to Jason, his family, the band, and the horses, for a fun day.

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Chris on Reno; Chris has done this before. chris.jpg
Heidi on Navajo. She's done this before too. heidi.jpg
Yair on Navi. yair.jpg
Tristan skis faster than he rides. tristan.jpg
Chuck's beginning to get comfortable riding. chuck.jpg
Ali's first ride. ali-v.jpg
Joseph, the Texan cowboy. joseph.jpg
Carolina on Navi carolina.jpg
Maureen on Navi. maureen.jpg
Denmark; big feet! denmark.jpg
Phoenix, the small one. phoenix.jpg
It's music time. music.jpg
The night ends with clear sky and a quarter moon over the campfire. fire.jpg