Skiing 2011

Here are some pictures from the 2011 ski season. The images are degraded to keep the file size small. If you are in one of these pictures and want to have a copy at the original resolution, let me know the file number, and I'll provide it. Mostly these are from ski-house week, but I threw in a few from other ski trips during the 2011 season.

The copyright to these photos and others on this site is held by the photographer. Use without written permission is prohibited.

Starting the New Year right at Chalet K: nye2011.jpg
Engineers' Skiwear: IMG_0699.jpg
Snow Angel at Chalet K. IMG_0703.jpg
A Good Impression: IMG_0704.jpg
J and Stacia at the new fireplace at Chalet K. IMG_0720.jpg
Tough terrain on Pico. IMG_0722.jpg
Killington From Pico. IMG_0728.jpg
From the top of Killington Peak, looking back toward Pico. Sometimes the view is great... IMG_0731.jpg
... and sometimes it's not. IMG_0775.jpg
J gets ready for his first Outer Limits. IMG_0797.jpg
Here he comes. IMG_0799.jpg
Victory! IMG_0803.jpg
Sunday of Ski-House week at Snowshed Lodge; "Meet at the wall." IMG_0804.jpg
David and Kate. IMG_0805.jpg
Maybe this will keep him warm. IMG_0814.jpg
Chris and Colin filling Camelbaks. IMG_0830.jpg
Everyone's ready; Chuck, Carey, Dave, Kate, Steve G., Steve D., Marcus, Colin, Christine, Chris and Heidi. IMG_0831.jpg
Our group of 11 (and one mysterious intruder) Sunday at Killington Peak. Which one doesn't belong? kpeak11.jpg
Kate does Snowshed. IMG_0810.jpg
David does Snowshed. IMG_0811.jpg
Kate: IMG_0078.jpg
Colin, David and Chuck: IMG_0080.jpg
Colin and Chuck crossing Skyelark: IMG_0084.jpg
Steve D., Colin, Chris at Bear.IMG_0085.jpg
Steve G.: IMG_0086.jpg
.Chris and Heidy.IMG_0087.jpg
Ski House Kitchen. IMG_0819.jpg
Look at all the ski equipment. IMG_0820.jpg
David shares some good Scotch. IMG_0821.jpg
Colin takes a break. IMG_0816.jpg
Toasting Marshmallows. IMG_0822.jpg
Tasty results. IMG_0824.jpg
Jack. IMG_0826.jpg
Dessert time. IMG_0829.jpg
Steve is ready for Outer Limits... IMG_0834.jpg
...and here he comes... IMG_0836.jpg
... and he made it. IMG_0838.jpg
Getting ready to add to the tree. Ready?... IMG_0842.jpg
Now! IMG_0843.jpg
The result. IMG_0845.jpg
Chris and Heidy Wednesday. IMG_0851.jpg
Again. IMG_0853.jpg
Andy Thursday and Friday. IMG_0857.jpg
The road home in the snow. IMG_0865.jpg
J and Stacia in the snow on Saturday. IMG_0869.jpg
Looking at the new snow on Sunday. IMG_0871.jpg
Out the window. IMG_0872.jpg
Back to the fireplace again. IMG_0875.jpg
Conversation and Scotch. IMG_0877.jpg
More marshmallows. IMG_0880.jpg
Spring Break! Kyle and Will. IMG_0884.jpg
Stratton to the left of the tree, and Mt. Snow barely visible beyond, 60 miles away. IMG_0885.jpg
Bear Creek to the left of the tree and Okemo to the right. IMG_0886.jpg
Kyle shows his style. IMG_0888.jpg
Will has everything in his backpack. IMG_0889.jpg
Will and Kyle ready for a "top-to-bottom" IMG_0891.jpg
First time I saw the SPQ with no chairs. Tough conditions Tuesday. IMG_0892.jpg
Will heading in on Header. IMG_0895.jpg
End of the day. IMG_0896.jpg
Saturday in the rain: Bryan gets some air... IMG_0901.jpg does Carl. IMG_0908.jpg
And the day ends at Bear. IMG_0912.jpg
Jason on Superstar almost untouched in the morning. IMG_0916.jpg
Dan at the top of Outer Limits. IMG_0919.jpg
Andy at the top of Outer Limits. IMG_0917.jpg
Andy heading down Outer Limits. IMG_0930.jpg
Stacia at the top of Outer Limits. IMG_0936.jpg
A bit of snow Saturday of Easter Weekend. IMG_0998.jpg
Shorts on top of Killigton Peak: Let the spring craziness begin. IMG_1011.jpg
And so another season comes to an end with one last run down Cascade. IMG_1019.jpg