Power Point Presentations of A.J. Devaney

Recent Talks

Stanford University Lectures--Summer 1999

Introduction to Inverse Scattering

Introduction to Diffraction Tomography

Time-reversal and MUSIC--also presented at the AMS Meeting--Fall 2000

AFOSR Imaging in Clouds Workshop--Albuquerque N.M. Summer 2000

Diffraction Tomography in Dispersive Backgrounds

AFOSR Computational EM Workshop--San Antonio Jan. 2001

Inverse Source Problem

MITRE Talk--Dec. 2000

Detection and Estimation of Buried Objects Using GPR

Assorted Talks

Optical Diffraction Tomography--JOSA Annual Meeting 1997

Three-dimensional Quantitative Ultrasound Tomography--Annual Meeting of the Acoustical Soc. Am.--Summer 2000