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ECE MS Thesis Defense: "Path Planning For Intelligent Wheelchair Based On Modified Tentacle Method," Jingwei Liu


ISEC 532

August 24, 2017 3:30 pm
August 24, 2017 3:30 pm


In this research, a path planning method for differential drive intelligent wheelchair is described. This method is derived from a path planning algorithm called driving with tentacles. The approach of this research is applying wheelchair’s state, generating a modifeld tentacle trajectory that decrease the driving deviation between the selected path and the wheelchair’s true path. The selection of the tentacle (a drivable path) relies on a heuristic cost function for each tentacle, and depend on variables such as tentacle’s length, distance to the destination, wheelchair’s speed and collision condition with obstacles. MATLAB simulation and practical implementation on Permobil C300 wheelchair with ROS (Robot Operating System) are also provided in this paper.

  • Professor Taskin Padir (Advisor)
  • Professor Deniz Erdogmus
  • Professor Dagmar Sternad