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ECE MS Thesis Defense: "Characterization of Penetrable Dielectric Slab Affixed to the Human Body Using Focused CW Mm-Waves," Mahdiar Sadeghi


302 Stearns

April 18, 2018 10:00 am
April 18, 2018 10:00 am

Long security lines are frustrating for airline passengers who must undergo pat downs when currently deployed mm-wave imaging system falsely alarm innocent objects. Faster and more efficient security checkpoints are required to effectively prevent airplane terrorist attacks while minimizing the inconvenience of long security lines. The goal of this work is to build an algorithmic approach to determine the dielectric constant of concealed objects, and rule out non-explosive dielectric objects, to speed Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) scanning.

Our Virtual Source (VS) model is an intuitive ray-based forward model for characterization of weak dielectric objects (like slabs of explosive threats) on the surface of a highly conducting ground plane (the body skin), for focused Continuous Wave sensing. This simple model is well suited for focused beams, near-field mm-wave sensing of body-worn explosives for person scanning security systems. The VS model inversion algorithm uses two observable probe parameters by considering expected small variation of dielectric slab thickness over its surface. The presented ray analysis is experimentally-validated. The results indicate that the VS model works reasonably well with a dielectric covered conductive ground plane.

  • Professor Carey Rappaport (Advisor)
  • Professor Michael Silevitch
  • Professor Jose Martinez Lorenzo