ECE 1406, Homework #1, Due April 8, 2003

1. This is fun, especially for those of you without much microfabrication background. If the basic size SIMPLer dosen't load, try one of the other sizes.

Go to the SIMPLer web page at UC Berkeley and

1. Choose the process "NMOS transistor" and press start.
2. Move the slider until you are on step number 1, and press "calculate cross-section"
3. Move the slider forward one step at a time, and after each step press "calculate cross-section".
4. Choose different cross-sections by clicking on the border of the layout area. How thick is the second oxide, and how many holes get punched through it in step 7?

3. Problem 1.4, text.

4. Problem 1.5, text.

5. Problem 1.8, text.

6. Problem 1.10 (this is a fairly realistic estimate of today's leading edge technology).

7. Problem 1.12 (assume 1cm x 1cm dice, should refer to 1.1c)

8. Problem 1.14 (You can also use SIMPLer web page to do this.)