The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers the following Bachelor of Science degree programs:

The following are offered as a combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science

In addition, minors in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and biomedical engineering are available to qualified students throughout the University, including majors within the department. 

Successful engineers need to organize and adapt information to solve problems. They also must work effectively in teams and communicate well. The electrical engineering and computer engineering programs develop these skills and provide the appropriate technical background for a successful career. The objectives of the Bachelor of Science programs are that every student will develop and be able to apply in an engineering context:

  1. Mathematical, scientific, computational, and experiential knowledge and skills
  2. The technical skills necessary for engineering practice
  3. The communications and interpersonal skills necessary as engineering professionals
  4. A personal and professional ethic appropriate to the practice of engineering
  5. An awareness of the social, cultural, and historical context of engineering solutions.