Employment and Industry Experience for Graduate Students

Northeastern ECE is unique among ECE programs in providing our internationally-recognized student employment program to our students. High-achieving Northeastern ECE students are invited to take advantage of these opportunities

Northeastern ECE provides two mechanisms by which graduate students enrolled in either MS or PhD programs can gain relevant work experience in the course of their graduate studies:

    1. Internships
    2. Co-op work experience

Both of these options allow students to integrate real-world experiences into their graduate degrees.

Options for Real-World Experience

Internships are available to ECE graduate students involved in research (MS-Research and PhD students, with approval of the student's research advisor).  The internship must be related to the student's research topic, and provides the opportunity to further the student's training and knowledge in an area central to advancement of the research.  An internship can be taken at any time during the year and need not be consistent with the Northeastern academic calendar.

Co-op work experience is available to all ECE graduate students (MS-Course Only, MS-Research, and PhD students). The co-op program is designed to provide a student with actual work placements in their field of study, and need not be as research oriented (though it often is). A co-op work experience must match the Northeastern academic calendar, and as such will be over the summer or during a semester, or a combination thereof. Students are required to complete EECE 6000 or ENCP 6100: Introduction to Co-op Education prior to the start of their co-op and have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or above. Graduate students work for 4, 6, or 8 months at a time depending on the position and the student’s availability.

Student Perspectives

Many of our students take advantage of these work opportunities while completing their graduate degrees. ECE students consistently report that their experiences were invaluable components of graduate school!