Electrical & Computer Engineering at Northeastern Transformational Experiences in Research (ENTER)

2017 Project List

Follow the project title links for a full description, prerequisites, and more information about each project.

Professor: Milica Stojanovic
Project Title: Wireless Acoustic Communications
Professor: Hui Fang
Project Title: Advanced Soft Electrodes to Map the Brain Activity


Professor: David Kaeli
Project TitleBig Data Analytics with Computational Accelerators



Professor: Bradley Lehman
Project TitleIntelligent Protection in the Smart Grid System
Project TitleSmart Solar Panels


Professor: Miriam Leeser
Project Title: Implementing Real Time Software Defined Radios


Professor: Taskin Padir
Project TitleRICH: Robotics for Independence and Care at Home
Professor: Mahshid Amirabadi
Project TitleHigh-Power-Density Converters



Professor: Purnima Ratilal-Makris 
Project Title: Marine Mammal Acoustics