The Capstone Team: Cailin Ywuc, Dave Rothenberg, Mark Mulligan, PJ Maio, Sean Howlett with their advisor Professor Masoud Salehi developed an RFID based systems to detect and identify tools in a toolbox with multiple drawers. The HTTB is a toolbox with an on-board computer running a Linux desktop environment which incorporates multiple features to simplify and expedite locating tools in a cluttered toolbox. RFID technology is utilized to track which specific drawer a tool is located in within the toolbox. Once found, the tool location will be made known both graphically on the computer LCD display as well as audibly through speakers using Festival text to speech software. Users will quickly log into our system, making them responsible for the specific tools they are using. Tools may be placed in any drawer at any time once a user is done with them and any missing tools will be registered to that last known user. Users have the option to search for a specific tool using a keyboard or via voice commands. Through Julius-VoxForge speech recognition software, the user can say a “locate ” command to find a desired tool. Our efficient design will increase productivity, reduce foreign object damage caused by lost tools, and will overall save money.