The Capstone Team: Matt Cohan, Robert Turner, Steve Owens, Andrew Rice, Brad Meissner with their advisor Professor Bahram Shafai developed a robotic system capable of detecting and identifying chemical spills in an environment. This project was supported by MIT Lincoln Laboratory. The purpose of this project was to investigate a potential liquid spill in an indoor environment using a robotic device that contains a spill sensor and pH sensor. The robot will seek out and find liquid spills, and then collect a series of data to assess the situation and potentially identify and classify the specific chemical. By integrating a robotic chassis, sensors, microcontroller, cameras, power board, sensor deployment devices, and all other necessary components, the human element will essentially be eliminated with the purpose of avoiding direct contact with a liquid spill. The design will in turn provide higher safety measures in dealing with possibly harmful substances. All information including video will be relayed to the user operator via Bluetooth communication. The user will have a command unit equipped with controls to the robot and its accessories. Also provided will be a live video feed and information related to the chemical analysis. The added feature of making the robot autonomous will also provide the flexibility of having the robot identify liquid spills without the constant supervision of an end user. This way, an alert can be integrated so that the control system will be notified of a spill when it occurs.