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ECE Department Computer Help

How to Get Help and Who to Contact

Contact COE Help at for assistance with:

  • COE/ECE accounts and emails
  • New purchasing of computers, reinstalling of old computers
  • Installation of new computers
  • Nunet installation, Linux installation, Windows installation
  • Software availability such as Matlab, Microsoft Office, and anti-virus software
  • Network connectivity via ethernet (wired) connections
  • Computers that have failed because of hardware/software issues
  • Help with COE user accounts, password reset, other basic user account issues


Contact Main Helpdesk at for assistance with:

  • NEU/Husky accounts
  • Sponsored accounts
    Sponsored accounts will allow you to get available software directly from the main helpdesk
  • Connecting remotely to your desktop
    You will need to download and install the VPN client:, use your myNortheastern username and password

You may also contact Main Helpdesk by phone at 617.373.4357

Website Setup

Use ssh to connect to
Type: setup
Get ssh here; this program will help you configure your COE account
What would you like to do? Choose a number or type q to quit:
1. Change my password
2. Check my disk quota
3. Set up my WWW home page
4. Turn on error reporting for my WWW home page
5. Set up or remove email forwarding
6. Set up or remove vacation auto responder


For help with connecting to MGHPCC (Discovery Cluster), visit to obtain an account and learn more about the cluster