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  • Theoretical and applied electromagnetics, theoretical and applied optics, scattering theory, wave inverse problems, noniterative inverse scattering, physics-based signal processing and imaging, change detection theory and applications, compressive sensing, electromagnetic information theory, analysis and design of optical and quantum holographic detectors
  • Assistant Professor, jointly appointed in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Devices, circuits and sensing; antenna analysis, modeling, design, and optimization; subsurface scattering analysis; computational methods of electromagnetics; novel radar system specification and design; explosives detection.
  • MEMS, NEMS, RF MEMS; nanotechnology; micro/nanofabrication; microsystems; microrelay; nanoswitch; microspectrometer; microfluidics; organic FETs, organic solar cells
  • Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Education, Office of the Dean
    Combinatorial optimization, algorithm design and analysis, scheduling, machine learning, parallel computing.
  • William Lincoln Smith Chair Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Modeling, optimization, and experimental evaluation of wireless networked systems; Networked implantable medical systems; Multimedia sensor networks; Secure tactical cognitive radio networks; Underwater networks; Mobile cloud computing
  • Capacity planning; NVMe Flash Memory Devices, MapReduce/Hadoop scheduling; cloud computing; resource management; performance evaluation; workload characterization; simulation
  • Electromagnetics and optics, quantum systems, nanoscale materials and metamaterials, nanoantennas, THz-IR Devices, multiscale computation and mathematical-numerical models