This combined major serves students who would like to explore their interest in music technology while earning the benefit of an accredited Bachelor of Science degree in engineering. This combined major in Electrical Engineering and Music is designed for students on the EE track in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering who desire an integrated background in the theory and practice of EE and Music, with a focus on music technology. 

This degree will serve the needs of ECE students who are musically inclined and who wishes to broaden their education to include basic areas of both Electrical Engineering and Music Technology. It is a well-known fact that in this 21st century, music industry relies heavily on electronic technology in the production (e.g., musical instruments), storage (e.g., mp3 files), and distribution (as in streaming services) of music. Also, many engineering students are interested in music as a hobby or recreation and would like to understand many aspects of music.

Any student that is accepted into the ECE department and is interested in the program should contact the Electrical and Computer Engineering department for more information.

For more information contact: