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Computer Engineering & Computer Science BS

This combined major serves students who are interested in both computer hardware and software, combining an accredited Bachelor of Science degree in engineering with the added benefits of depth in software principles found in a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science.  This program provides a well-rounded computing education that includes engineering design principles, computational thinking, proper program design and a solid background in mathematics and science. The degree is fully accredited as a BS in Computer Engineering and adds the Computer Science depth.

Because of the large body of shared knowledge between computer engineering and computer science, an integrated combined major between these two disciplines is a logical course of study and can be accomplished within a student's usual five-year program (including three co-op placements) without requiring course overloading in any semester. A student graduating from this program will have a solid foundation in both computer hardware and software principles, and should be prepared for a wide range career paths in the computing field or any related field that relies on the application of engineering or computing principles.

Students interested in this program should contact the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering or the Khoury College of Computer Sciences as early as possible, preferably prior to registering for freshman courses.

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