GEU110 --- Engineering Design --- Fall 2003

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Thanks to Jonathan P. for his camera and for forwarding the picture, and to Sean for being the photographer.

Thanks to all of you for your attention, your creativity, and your enthusiasm. I have really enjoyed teaching this course. Good luck to all of you on finals and in your careers. I'll be looking for all of you on campus over the next few years. I know this isn't Lake Wobegon, but you ARE all above average!

- Papa D

Homework D1
Homework D2
Homework D3
Homework D4
Homework D5
Homework D6
Homework D7
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Major Project Teams with Times

Lecture Notes for Week 1
Lecture Notes for Week 2
Nothing for Week 3
Lecture Notes for Week 4
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Lecture Notes for Week 6
Lecture Notes for Week 7
Lecture Notes for Week 11 (Costing)
Lecture Notes for Week 13

Proofreading marks I use in correcting papers are at
Announcements (Updated 19 December 03)

(19 December 03) final grades are posted. Papa D, Mama D, and the rest of the D family are off to the slopes in northern Vermont, next Tuesday for Christmas week. I wish everyone a happy holiday season, and I look forward to seeing you again.

(8 December 03) For those of you presenting Wednesday in the lab, it would be a good idea to try to get your presentation on the instructor's machine in the lab. You can do this with a floppy disk, a CD, or if you have webmail, by emailing it to yourself. Alternatively, you can email to me and I can put it on one of my machines to download by FTP. I will be in the lab a few minutes early to make sure everything goes smoothly. I will bring my own projector as a "Plan B."

(7 December 03) Exam grades are posted as promised. First column is the first exam on a base of 70, second column is second exam on a base of 80. I graded each problem for 20 points and discarded the lowest grade. Third column is the score on a 100 point scale. Average is 88, SD is about 5. I have not heard yet if classes are cancelled for Monday. If they are, watch this page for updates on the presentations.

(4 December 03) Check for the date and time of your presentation. Major Project Teams with Times.

(1 December 03) A note on office hours: I making a change for the remaining weeks: I will be in 334 Egan from 10 to 10:30 on Thursdays. From 10:30 to 11:30, I will conduct a special problem solving session for ECEU646 in 406 Egan. From 11:30 to 12:30, I will again be available in 334 Egan, mostly for GEU110 students. Check for the updated list of teams and presentation dates. Remember presentations are 10 minutes. Each partner must speak for at least one slide. Keep the number of slides down to between 6 and 10, depending on the level of complexity. You will be held to the 10 minute time limit.

Major Project Teams

I still need two more teams to volunteer for Monday talks. If that doesn't work, we will draw numbers on Wednesday in the lab to pick these two teams.

Course notes for today's talk.

Some reminders about reports are located here.

(23 November 03) Course notes on costing are above and here. Also, the spread sheet I used in the example is here.

(3 November 03) I have started a zoo to hold your creatures. Please let me know if it is ok to post yours. I will not do so without your explicit permission.

(23 Oct 03) Extra office hours this week as follows: Mon, 12:30 to 1:30 in 334 Egan. Mon, 3-4, in 334 Egan. Wed, 11-12 in 302ST. Wed 4-5 in 334 Egan, Thu 10-12 in 302ST as usual. Thu 3-4 in 302 ST. If none of these work, contact me for alternatives.

(23 October) My class notes about proposals and review are posted at the link below.

Class Notes Part 6

(19 October) We'll let homework D6 slide until later in the week, because I have not given you back D5 yet. The Ping Pong pictures are posted from last week. Unfortunately, we had a camera problem this week and didn't get the last students. Remember, on Monday the 20th, we have a visitor who will speak about design in a small or medium-sized company.

(10 October) Homework D5 is not due on Monday because of the holiday. It is due on Thursday.

(8 October 03) The drawing for today's quiz is at

They didn't do the hidden lines, but did get the dimensions right.

(7 October 03) Thanks to one of the students for pointing out that in Homework D4, there is a reference to a due date of 17 October. That message was left over from last year, as a result of careless text editing. The papers and demonstrations are due Thursday, 9 October. I have made the appropriate change on the D4 webpage.

(1 October 03) The grading plan for the minor projects is posted as part of assignment D4.

The team assignments for the major project are posted.

(25 Sep 03) I have the next updated syllabus on the website. This is version C. It corrects some errors in days, and adds a new outside speaker. It also breaks down the grading system more carefully.

(17 Sep 03) I have the updated syllabus on the website. To get it up quickly, I did not take much time to proofread it, but at first glance it looks correct, and I hope you will find it easier to read.

(12 Sep 03) Here's an interesting design story, forwarded by my son from some people in his company, apparently after a design meeting: booster.html Thinking about this, I wonder... Where did anyone find the time to do the research to learn this?

(11 Sep 03) Statistics: For your information, here are the results of my survey on majors:

Mechanical Egineering 8, with 3 more leaning

Electrical Engineering 4

Computer Engineering 3

Electrical and/or Comuter 2

Civil Engineering 3

Chemical 2, with 2 more leaning

Undecided/Blank 3

(11 Sep 03) We probably have the classroom situation figured out. We will meet Monday and Thursday in 235FR (Forsyth Building), and Wednesdays in 429DA (Dana Building). Labs scheduled for Thursday on the syllabus are now for Wednesday of the following week (six days later), and the lab homework is, of course, due on Wednesdays as well. Activities scheduled for Wednesdays in the syllabus will be moved one day later, to Thursday.

This is the webpage for my section of GEU110, one of many sections taught by several faculty members. This information is particular to my own section. My particular interests are in several areas of optics, and you can find more information about them on my website. Click my name above or below.

Course Description from the Catalog
Presents the engineering design process using case studies from a variety of engineering disciplines. Topics include problem formulation and specification, creativity, evaluation tools, patents, product liability, ergonomics, systems design, failure analysis, hazard prevention, manufacturing, ethics in engineering, and presentation techniques. Presents engineering graphics, focusing on developing three-dimensional visualization skills and computer-aided design (CAD) application. Students will develop an original design solution to a technical problem as a term project and use CAD software extensively.

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Many thanks to Prof. Susan Freeman and the others on the GE team, from whom I have borrowed freely, and to the students from last year's class, who have contributed to this course in many ways.