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Stardate 23 May 2015: Arrival in Santiago

We arrived almost on time and made our way through immigration (fast) and customs (slow) to the outside world. The host "parents" were all there to meet the students, and take them to their homes.

I got some breakfast and Ali arrived, and we got a taxi to our hotel.
Home, sweet home. IMG_3090.JPG

This will be my home for the next 5 weeks and it's a pretty good home indeed. Breakfast is included downstairs and the Metro is a couple minutes' walk away. Ali and I explored the neighborhood, found some lunch, and got our Chilean phones set. In addition to our five, we have nine students from Universidad de los Andes, which is a great number for this type of program.

Monday 25 May: Orientation and Tours

We all found our way to the campus for a day of orientation and tours of the campus facilities. First observation: It gets light very late here. Chile has just decided to use GMT-3 year-round and the sun rises about 8AM this time of year.
Here is the group photo on the steps of the library. IMG_northeastern1.JPG
Starting our campus tour. IMG_3092.JPG
The mountain is Manquehue. IMG_3093.JPG
The view from the bus stop as we left campus; note the fall colors on the trees in the foreground. IMG_3096.JPG

Tuesday 25 May: First Class

Professor's point of view. IMG_3099.JPG

Miercoles, 26 Mayo:

Break time.
Everett and UANDES students at break. IMG_3100.JPG
Courtyard at the Humanities building. IMG_3104.JPG
A nice place for writing lecture notes (and getting help with my Spanish) IMG_3106.JPG

Sabado, 30 Mayo 2015

We had a couple of days to catch up on the logistics of life like shopping, laundry, banking, homework for the students and lecture-writing for me. A lot of cafes are closed on the weekends so I did end up in a Starbucks. At least when they took my order and asked my name I said "Carlos."

I don't usually take pictures of my food, but this lunch was worth it.
Don Valentin on Noruega. IMG_3108.JPG

After lunch: Ali's "office hours" in the Ibis lobby.
Office Hours at Northeastern's "South Campus." IMG_3109.JPG

We had Saturday night dinner at DaDino on Apoquindo between Escuela Militar and Alcantara Metro Stations.
Dinner. IMG_3110.JPG

Domingo, 31 Mayo 2015, Dia del Patrimonio

On the last Sunday of May, Chileans celebrate their heritage, and there are many special events. We started with a walk in the Forest Park.
Note the leaves changing color and the palm trees in the same picture.
The German Fountain. IMG_3111.JPG
I'm no sure what was happening here, but there was a lot of music and smoke. Others were taking pictures so I assumed it was ok to do so.
There are feral dogs here, and the park evidently tries to make them comfortable. I learned this in a conversation in Spanish in which we used the words "perros del calle," or "dogs of the street." Someone has even put bedding in and put dogs' names over the doors.
Casas de perros. IMG_3117.JPG
At the Museo de Bellas Artes, we saw Ana Cortes, curated by our profesora Richter from Thursday's class, and some other exhibits.
Arriving at the Museo de Bellas Artes. IMG_3119.JPG
A horse is a horse of course. IMG_3125.JPG
But here are some real ones. IMG_3127.JPG
Red church. IMG_3133.JPG
Fire department display for Dia del Patrimonio. IMG_3135.JPG
Kids trying out the firehose. IMG_3136.JPG

Wandering around we discovered Castillo Hidalgo and climbed to the top for some views of the city. The smog this time of year restricts the visability. You might be able to see the tallest building in South America in the next picture. It's exactly half way between the tree and the black building with the red or orange top. The city is ringed by mountains which are more visible some days than others. This morning we saw some snow on some of them.
Tallest building in South America. IMG_3137.JPG
Riley and Everett at Castillo Hidalgo. IMG_3138.JPG
Gabe at Castillo Hidalgo. IMG_3141.JPG
Looking up to the top. IMG_3142.JPG

2 June 2015: On a clear day you can see forever

Today was an exceptionally clear day and we got some good photos from the steps of the library. In the telephoto picture you can see the tallest building in South America.
From the library steps. IMG_3151.JPG
Telephoto shot from the same place. IMG_3156.JPG
There's a bit of snow on some of the mountains now. IMG_3159.JPG

Jueves 4 Junio: La Moneda and More

Camila and Luis Felipe took us to the National Library, Cerro Santa Lucia, and La Moneda, the presidential palace.

First a tour through the Paris Londres neighborhood.

The Entel Tower. IMG_3163.JPG
Paris Londres. IMG_3164.JPG
The Library: First Printing Press in Chile. IMG_3168.JPG
Map exhibit. IMG_3170.JPG

Cerro Santa Lucia provides great views of Santiago and beyond. The other location is Cerro San Cristobol, which we will visit tomorrow along with the home of Pablo Neruda.
Gabe on Cerro Santa Lucia. IMG_3172.JPG

Our own private tour of La Moneda. I think the equivalent English word would be "the Mint." It was originally where coins were made, and for a long time has served as the presidential palace. Previous presidents lived here, but now Chile does not have a presidential home. She lives in her own home, but her offices are located here.
La Moneda. IMG_3186.JPG
From the front of La Moneda. IMG_3176.JPG
Changing of the Guard. IMG_3179.JPG
Waiting for our guide. Good time to introduce the NU Students: Justin, John, Gabe, Riley, and Everett. IMG_3181.JPG
Orange trees in the courtyard. IMG_3182.JPG
Bernardo O'Higgens, the George Washington of Chile,sort-of. IMG_3185.JPG
Santiago'sStock Exchange. IMG_3189.JPG
Kilometer Zero, fromwhich all Chilean distances are measured. IMG_3190.JPG

The ex-congress building is not open to the public. Luis Felipe spoke to the receptionist, a phone call was made, we were given badges and in a couple minutes an official appeared to give us a guided tour. Congress now meets in Valparaiso.
Ex-Senate Session Chamber. IMG_3192.JPG

Viernes, 5 Junio 2015

Pablo Neruda's house (one of four) and Cerro San Cristobel. Photography was not permitted inside, so there are few pictures.
The eyes have it. Listening to the audio tour. IMG_3195.JPG
View of the city, old and new. IMG_3196.JPG
Walking through the neighborhood. IMG_3197.JPG
On the funicular up Cerro San Cristobel. IMG_3202.JPG

Mate is a popular Chilean drink with wheat and a peach.
Mate for all. IMG_3204.JPG
The city from Cerro San Cristobol. Cerro Santa Lucia from yesterday's trip is in the center. IMG_3205.JPG
Climbing the steps to the top. IMG_3208.JPG
Statue of the Virgin at the top. IMG_3209.JPG
A friend for lunch. IMG_3210.JPG
The mighty Mapucho. IMG_3211.JPG

Sabado 6 Junio 2015: el Asado

We were invited to an Asado and to watch the Champions' League Final at Jaime's home. An Asado is a cookout, but it's done on a grand scale with all kinds of meat, wine, and Pisco. Santiago is reminiscent in many ways of California. The house has a lot of outdoor space which they tell me they enjoy during about 9 months of the year.
Jaime's dad at the grill, with a small fraction of what he cooked this afternoon. IMG_3212.JPG
Barcelona 3, Juventus 1. IMG_3213.JPG
The gang. IMG_3219.JPG

Lunes 8 Junio: Running

My first GPS track on the far side of the equator was a run around Parque Arauco, just up Av. Manquehue from the hotel. Total distance was just 5km. It would have been a good place to take a camera; there is a nice view from the bridge, and some interesting gardens and sculpture, including one of Pope John Paul II to the east of Av. Manquehue. Parque Arauco Map.

Miercoles 10 Junio: Fubtol!

Here are a few shots of the students' futbol game after class this afternoon. The skies are cloudy as they were yesterday afternoon, but we've been here 2.5 weeks and have still not seen rain. The average this time of year is supposedly 7 days per month.

Jueves 11 Junio 2015

Lecture 10 in the HSI course marks the half-way point. After class we gathered in Sala Cero for traditional Chilean lunch, dancing, and conversation with faculty, students, and friends.
* IMG_3247.JPG

Viernes 12 Junio 2015: Valparaiso

The day got off to a bad start when the local news announced problems at Los Heros station, through which we planned to travel to get to the bus. According to the TV, the station "esta colapsado." Evidently, the collapse was metaphorical rather than literal, and we had a very slow ride, but we all arrived at the bus station somehow.
At least one Chileno was totally unperturbed. IMG_3249.JPG
First sight in Valparaiso; Very big sea lions. IMG_3250.JPG
Valparaiso hillside. IMG_3256.JPG
Camila, who arranged this trip and just about everything else we've done. IMG_3262.JPG
On the left, our driver and tour guide, Mario. IMG_3265.JPG
Another of Pablo Neruda's four homes. La Sebastiana. IMG_3266.JPG
Riley shaking hands with Pablo. IMG_3274.JPG

There have been earthquakes in Valparaiso including one last year. Notice that the pink house has moved to the left and the white tower is tilting a bit to the left.
Tilt! IMG_3275.JPG
The hillside homes seem to mix rich and poor. IMG_3276.JPG

Looking across the harbor, we could see the Andes mountains on the horizon. It's not a perfect day, but the actual view was a bit clearer than this picture suggests.
Valparaiso harbor. IMG_3279.JPG

Valparaiso is home to artists, and Templeman Street is a good example.
Beginning our walk down Templeman Street. IMG_3283.JPG
Sidewalk art. IMG_3285.JPG
Vehicular art. IMG_3287.JPG
Art in English. IMG_3290.JPG
Art on the walls. IMG_3293.JPG
Navy headquarters. IMG_3301.JPG
Funicular railway. IMG_3303.JPG
Arriba. IMG_3304.JPG
Lunch. IMG_3310.JPG
Valparaiso's working port. IMG_3313.JPG
Que hora es? IMG_3314.JPG
Scaring away the pirates. IMG_3319.JPG

Now there is new excitement in Chile. People are here from all over South America for the Copa America, which will last from now until beyond our departure. Every street corner has vendors selling hats, horns, and anything with team colors, and the hotel lounge is packed every night with futbol fans.
Mexico. IMG_3322.JPG
Se vende. IMG_3323.JPG
Earthquake-damaged building in the background. IMG_3326.JPG

At the end, a stop on the beach at sunset, before we return to the bus station.
Ali. IMG_3328.JPG

Starting our 4th Week

Lots left to do and we don't have much time.
Air Force Imaging Center Friday and Saturday we do the Copper Road and Sewall Mining Town.

Miercoles 17 Junio 2015: NU at UANDES

UANDES Internataional Relations office hosted a "fair" for the international programs. Students from the Dialogues program worked the table showing off NU to UANDES and international students. We also sampled food from different countries.
International Programs Meeting. IMG_3364.JPG
Dialogues students working the NU table. IMG_3365.JPG
Poster for International Programs. IMG_3363.JPG

Jueves 18 Junio 2015

Happy Birthday to John. IMG_3368.JPG

Sabado 20 Junio 2015: Carretera Cobre and Sewell Mining Town


Sewell Website.

Sewell Website.


The role of copper in Chilean history, culture, economy, engineering, and politics has been mentioned by most of the faculty in our culture course. This consistent mention of mining inspired today's trip.

From Rancagua a bit over an hour out of Santiago, the Carretera Cobre (Copper Road) climbs up into the Andes to the historic mining town of Sewell, named for Barton Sewell, first president of the Braden Copper company.

The ride itself was impressive, taking us through the harsh dry Andean landscape along the Copper Road. Here's a map of the ride starting from Rancagua. You can zoom in as you can on any Google map. Although Sewell was "depopulated" in 1980 and exists as a preserved world heritage site, the area is still an active mining community with some 15,000 people involved and the road carries workers to the mine, concentrator, smelter, and related worksites.
Here's the elevation track of the trip. IMG-sewell-elev.JPG
Entering Carretera Cobre. Like any worksite in the world it begins with a safety warning. IMG_3382.JPG
Romulo, our guide, came to work at Sewell in 1969. IMG_3386.JPG
Copper goes downhill. The smelter is below the concentrator and the mine. IMG_3388.JPG

I tried to take some pictures out the window but it didn't work very well. I particularly am impressed by this kind of harsh landscape.
Not a tree in sight. IMG_3394.JPG
Arriving at Sewell. IMG_3397.JPG
Patrimonio Mundial; Sewell is a World Heritage Site (UNESCO). IMG_3400.JPG
Being the chief is good. The A workers' social center had a pool. IMG_3402.JPG
Walking around Sewell Town. IMG_3406.JPG
City of Stairs. IMG_3410.JPG
Bowling. IMG_3413.JPG
The Bowling Alley built by Brunswick., but in Portland Oregon. IMG_3414.JPG
Country of Poets. IMG_3417.JPG
Entrance to the working mine. IMG_3418.JPG

It looked very quiet while we were there, but as we drove down the Copper Road, the busses were bringing in the next shift.
Electric wires are everywhere. Mining takes a lot of power. IMG_3421.JPG
Safety poster. Zoom in almost anywhere.... IMG_3423.JPG
... Here for example. IMG_3425.JPG
Mining Museum, formerly the Industrial School. IMG_3428.JPG
Group photo on the stairs. IMG_3435.JPG
Someone didn't have a nice day when those rocks came down. IMG_3443.JPG
Waiting for a one-way tunnel. IMG_3445.JPG

What caught my interest above is that before the tunnel, the road evidently went around the left side of the mountain. If you look carefully you can see where it was, and how narrow it was.
There is snow on the Andes in the distance. IMG_3448.JPG
The final picture is from the country club after lunch, with the Andes in the background. IMG_3454.JPG

Miercoles 24 Junio 2015

Go Chile! 1-0 against Uruguay gets Chile into the semi-finals. Que Bueno!
I can hear horns from my room on the 8th floor with the window closed.

Jueves 25 Junio 2015

Last day of classes. Morning presentations in the Hyperspectral Imaging course.
Juan Pablo, Riley, and Juan IMG_3461.JPG
Jose Luis, Gabe, and Alvaro. IMG_3464.JPG
John, Jaime, and Romina. IMG_3465.JPG
Justin and Andreas IMG_3466.JPG
Jamie P, Matias, and Everett IMG_3467.JPG

Noontime lunch was completos with the other international students, Chilean students from international programs, and faculty, hosted by the International Relations office.
Can you match the country with the flag? IMG_3469.JPG
Quiz time: Non-Chilenos: Name 5 Chilean players in last night's game. IMG_3471.JPG

In the afternoon, Northeastern Students presented their final reports in the Chilean Culture course. Many of the UAndes and other international students came to watch.
We have a big audience. IMG_3474.JPG
John on the Atacama Desert. IMG_3477.JPG
Everett on education in Chile. IMG_3480.JPG
Riley: Precolumbian Indigenous peoples. IMG_3484.JPG
Gabe on Chilean food. IMG_3485.JPG
Justin on Chlean music. IMG_3489.JPG

Departure Dinner at la Fuente Vitacura. Of course we are all being very careful about diet. At least they suggested sharing the Chorillana between two people.
Justin and Jaime P. finished this. IMG_3490.JPG
Ali's completo was in addition to half a chorillana. IMG_3491.JPG

Viernes 26 Junio 2015

A little shopping and a final walk to get some pictures of sights I remember. I've been running in Parque Arauco, but never brought the camera. I believe this is the first topiary-statue combination I've seen anywhere. Even in the haze the view from the bridge is impressive with the mountains surrounding the city.
Pope Paul II. IMG_3492.JPG
View from the bridge over Av. Manquehue looking south... IMG_3495.JPG
... and north toward Manquehue mountain. IMG_3498.JPG
Don Valentin; Great Cojonudos (Toast, chorizo, red peper, and quail egg). IMG_3501.JPG

After that, coffee and Pan de Pasas (raisin pastry) at Cafe Diario; free coffee for my last day.