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I hope that many people will find this material useful. I am making it available here in a very open form for the convenience of my students. In the spirit of academic openness, anyone is welcome to print a copy for personal use. However, please do not present it in any public venue or alter it in any way without my permission.

 Lecture Notes 1 - Introduction or in .pdf
Lecture Notes 2 - Reflection, Refraction, Thin Lens or in .pdf
Lecture Notes 3 - Matrix Optics or in .pdf
Lecture Notes 4 - Apertures, Aberrations or in .pdf
Lecture Notes 5 - Polarization or in .pdf (Skip Section on Partial Polarization)
Lecture Notes 6 - Interference or in .pdf
Lecture Notes 7 - Diffraction or in .pdf
OLD Lecture Notes 8 - Gaussian Beams or in .pdf
UNUSED Lecture Notes 9 - Coherence or in .pdf
UNUSED Lecture Notes 10 - Fourier Optics or in .pdf
OLD Lecture Notes 11 - Radiometry and Photometry or in .pdf

Announcements (Updated 22 Dec 2008 )

(22 Dec 2008) Thanks to all for a great semester. I really enjoyed teaching the class, and I was impressed with the quality of the projects that everyone did at the end. Enjoy the holidays, and "Think Snow."

(14 Dec 2008) I am getting a number of requests for office hours. I will be in my office in 302 Stearns from 1 to 3 (or 4 if needed) on Monday. If you can come between 1 and 3, please do so. If you can't make it until between 3 and 4, let me know by email, and I will wait.

(1 Dec 2008) Section 9 is ready. href= with the usual password. Email me if you forgot.

(17 Nov 2008) For those of you who read both the .ppt and .pdf versions of Section 6 of the notes, there is an inconsistency on Page 24. The .ppt file is newer (see the b in the file number in the lower right). Remember that N is the number of pairs, and not the number of layers. The equation in the .pdf is just completely wrong. If N were the number of pairs, the exponent should then be N/2. Thanks to the student who caught this.

(16 Nov 2008) The presentation material is up on the web for Part 7 above. A message about the notes is coming by email.

(13 Nov 2008) The next homework due date has been moved to Thursday, 20 Nov. Please spread the word.

(5 Nov 2008) There are no changes in the notes for Section 6. I have updated the filename, but haven't changed anything. You can use the old copy that was posted earlier, or this one.

(5 Nov 2008) As announced in class, instead of a final exam, we will have oral presentations on the projects. We will meet in Room 1 SL, on Thursday, 18 December, from 1:00 to 3:00pm.

(22 Oct 2008) Notes Section 5 are now posted.

(20 Oct 2008) The midterm exam with solutions. is posted along with cumulative distribution of scores .

(14 Oct 2008) Correction! The exam will allow open notes. I have updated the message below. My apologies for the confusion.

(13 Oct 2008) I have looked to see if any of my old exams would be appropriate as a practice exam, and I'm afraid I have nothing that is even close. Let me offer the following suggestions. First, bring any notes you wish, including the lecture handouts and anything else you think might help. Of course, bring a calculator. There will be four questions. Two involve such basics as optical path length, Snell's law, the angle of reflection. The other two involve principal planes, afocal telescopes, pupils and windows. I believe the exam can be done in about an hour, but I plan to give the full 100 minutes.

(9 Oct 2008) Homework solutions for Set 1 have been posted above.

(9 Oct 2008) Your homework has been graded. If you would like to pick it up before the exam, contact me and arrange to meet me in 334 Egan.

(30 Sep 2008) I have put together a complete and hopefully correct analysis of the example we did in class. Please see the pdf file and the Matlab code . Your comments are appreciated, both regarding any errors you find, and any points that are unclear. I will open a discussion group for comments.

(22 Sep 2008) My apologies for Lecture 3. A stray quotation mark in the HTML code of the index file prevented the link from working correctly. I just fixed it at 2pm today.

(12 Sep 2008) Please note that there is no textbook for this course. Unless you are planning to continue in the field of optics, I would not recommend investing money in a book at this time.

(10 Sep 2008) The first class is tomorrow at 11:40 in 17SL (Snell Library, downstairs). Homework will be submitted to the teaching assistant, preferably via blackboard.

(19 Aug 2008) The syllabus and homework are now posted. I intend to revise the lecture notes in the next couple weeks. The old ones are still posted. There are some format problems because I have used various versions of software. I am aware of these and intend to correct them with the new revisions, and create good .pdf files.

(30 May 2008) Welcome to ECEU646, Optics for Engineers. I offered a similar course last year at the graduate level. I will update this website in the near future. However, the lecture notes and homeworks will be similar to those here. We will probably drop lectures 9 and 10 and part of 5, and some of the homework problems will be modified or dropped, to bring the course to a level appropriate for advanced undergraduates. If you have any questions, email me.